Structured Announces Strategic Partnership with Digital Marketing Agency, Agexa

The new partnership strengthens Structured’s paid advertising capabilities for their digitally native brands

Direct-to-consumer marketing powerhouse Structured is packing a new punch in the media and acquisitions game, thanks to a new strategic partnership with the digital marketing agency, Agexa.

Agexa starts, scales, and partners with performance-driven brands. They specialize in using paid advertising to grow and accelerate their brands. Bringing immediate support on the paid media and acquisition front, they have workflows, processes, and a team of marketing veterans to enhance Structure Social’s work with their own brands.

Structured sought out the partnership to meet the demand of its accelerated growth and to maneuver the current state of the job market. They adapted their approach from “how do we grow faster” to “how can we maintain and then increase our talent density to meet the current growth rate.”

After Structured’s acquisition of Boundless Labs in 2020, securing its place as a revolutionary full-stack marketing agency, they have seen month-to-month growth and work with some of the top consumers’ brands in the nation including, Mixtiles, Culprit, Foster Grant, Human Rights Foundation along with many other digitally native brands.

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When asked about the partnership, a Structured’s Co-Founder, Nick Shackelford emphasized the value alignment between the two brands.

“We’ve known Nick and Tommy for years and they’ve always been kind, they truly care and are industry-leading. We’ve always wanted to work together at some point and we’re thankful it came sooner than later.”

Nick Fisher, Co-Founder of Agexa also commented. “We care so much at Agexa about our people, about the work we do for our partners. It’s rare you come across another team where that ethos is mirrored.”

Agexa creates an environment where Structured can “care more, faster, with more quality,” according to Nick Shackelford, Co-Founder of Structured. “That goes for both our partners and our team. Because the one thing we’ve realized is that as much as we want our partners to understand “we genuinely give a Sh*t” on day one…it takes time, effort, and the right people.”

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