Dynata expands proprietary inBrain platform into Asia-Pacific region, amid other new technology and quality enhancements

Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data company for insights, activation and measurement, announced the expansion of inBrain — its proprietary, survey-based monetization platform — into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Rollouts are complete in AustraliaIndiaJapan and New Zealand; additional deployments into multiple Asian markets will follow in 2023-24.

These inBrain launches across APAC deepen Dynata’s commitment to delivering a trustworthy and high-quality survey experience to customers and members globally — by not only improving the quality of Dynata’s panels but also providing actionable insights that help businesses make smarter decisions. Other benefits to Dynata’s APAC clients include access to global innovations and expanded global capabilities through the acquisition of Branded Research and new loyalty and recruitment partnerships in the Americas and Europe.

Acquired by Dynata in 2021 and already available in the Americas and Europe, inBrain is widely considered a leader in sourcing, qualifying and engaging real and unique mobile-first consumers. Focusing on hard-to-reach younger audiences, the platform offers survey opportunities via daily-used apps — including fitness and lifestyle, among others — rewarding members with points or prizes within mobile games.

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“The growth of inBrain in the Asia-Pacific region and the local Australia and New Zealand markets is one example among many of Dynata’s innovations that deliver excellent reach and high-quality data,” said James Burge, Managing Director for Asia-Pacific at Dynata, which recently was named the first and only first-party data provider to earn global NQI Data Quality certification from Neutronian. “Dynata’s size and scale allow us to innovate and develop rapidly, even in challenging economic environments, resulting in significant advantages to our clients already this year and into the future.”

The inBrain expansion accompanies a broad range of recent panel and system enhancements from Dynata that focus on expanding panel offerings and reach, increasing panel engagement, improving data systems and ensuring data quality.

  • Proprietary data quality management technology maintains the highest levels of compliance. The Imperium® data solution, QualityScore™, utilizes an automated multi-point check to evaluate the quality of each respondent’s survey. This feature reduces the manual review time by up to 85% and preserves valuable participant responses — giving Dynata’s customers access to more accurate data, while streamlining their research processes.
  • New technologies to improve panels and engage participants more effectively. Implementing cause-based and mobile-only panels, Dynata improves rewards for panel members and enhances communication with them.
  • Regular upgrades to data quality technologies and processes. Machine learning advancements score the quality of data, implementing better controls for redeeming rewards and introducing real-world identity checks for the first time — ensuring Dynata’s customers can rely on high-quality data and members enjoy a better experience when participating in surveys.

“While Dynata continues to deliver industry-leading panelist engagement and data-quality technology, we’re also working globally to support various bodies and associations as they seek to address our industry’s opportunities and challenges,” Burge said. “At Dynata, we’re strong advocates for better respondent experiences, not only because this element underpins the sustainability of our industry, but also because it’s an essential component of delivering high-quality data to our clients.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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