Treasure Data and Sinch Partner to Provide More Personalized Omnichannel Touchpoints in the Era of ‘Conversational Commerce’

Partnership Makes it Easy for Businesses to Market Products and Provide Customer Care Using Mobile Channels Throughout the Buying Lifecycle

Treasure Data, an award-winning enterprise customer data platform (CDP), today announced a strategic partnership with Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications and mobile customer engagement, to provide more personalized and engaged conversations with customers across different channels. The partnership focuses on addressing the needs of businesses to more effectively engage their customers through mobile channels using real-time profiles. The combined offering also facilitates 360-degree customer interactions for reaching audiences through marketing campaigns, automating conversations using AI chatbots and voicebots and servicing them through service agents.

“As we continue to expand beyond marketing applications, Treasure Data’s partnership with Sinch is important for introducing the value of Treasure Data CDP to the CPaaS market,” says Thomas Kurian, Head of New Markets at Treasure Data. “The combination of Sinch and Treasure Data directly addresses our customers’ requests to easily access unified consumer data, insights, and personalized recommendations from contact center, mobile marketing campaigns and conversational AI sources. With our joint solution, businesses are equipped with the data to provide relevant conversation that engages, converts, and drives an exceptional experience.”

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Treasure Data smart CDP provides a comprehensive, holistic view of a customer by securely stitching together valuable data sources — like CRM, marketing automation, point-of-sale, social media — that are often siloed. Insights around customer purchase history, loyalty program status, marketing promotions engagement, in-store visitation, and brand affinity can be made available to service agents through the CDP and accessed across various communications channels supported by Sinch’s multi-channel communication platform. This includes email, text, phone and mobile chat channels like WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram and more.

“We are seeing a clear trend of customers wanting to not only just receive information from their favorite brands, but also to get personalized content and the option to engage on their mobile device,” says Rick van Esch, Vice President of SaaS Business at Sinch. “The only way to get that level of information, and provide experiences the market demands, is to connect data points over the course of the customer journey with a best-of-breed CDP like Treasure Data. When we combine this with our SaaS products and CPaaS, which has access to virtually any mobile phone on the planet using the customer’s preferred channel, we have an extremely appealing offering to businesses worldwide to connect with their customers.”

Treasure Data and Sinch will unveil its joint offering at Enterprise Connect, the leading conference for enterprise communications and collaboration in North America on March 21-24 in Orlando, Florida.

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