6 Best Business Intelligence Tools In 2024

Business intelligence (BI) stands as a vital success factor for organizations across diverse industries. Extracting valuable insights from data has become essential, and BI tools play a key role in making this achievable.

As big data becomes more prevalent, businesses recognize the importance of tapping into its potential. The abundance of information available necessitates effective data management and analysis. This increase in the ubiquity and complexity of data has driven a corresponding rise in the adoption of business intelligence tools.

Amidst the multitude of available BI tools, the sheer volume can be both empowering and overwhelming. This article aims to simplify your navigation through this landscape by introducing and explaining some of the best business intelligence tools today, with a focus on their suitability for beginners.

Let’s take a look at the best BI tools in 2024.

What is the Purpose of Business Intelligence (BI) Software?

Best Business intelligence toolsIn our current big data-driven landscape, where companies grapple with vast amounts of data to collect, analyze, and interpret, data insights wield significant influence over a company’s processes and performance. Recognizing this impact, more companies are turning to the best BI tools in 2024.

A business can potentially gain infinite data insights manually, but there are many important reasons to use business intelligence software. Through the use of BI, it can combine data from many sources, analyze it, and then communicate the results to the appropriate stakeholders. As a result, businesses can view the big picture and decide how to proceed. Any company decision carries some inherent risks, but those risks are less noticeable or concerning when a robust and effective BI solution is used. Organizations that are ‘business intelligent’ can progress in a world that is becoming more data-driven because they are ready to meet any challenge that may come their way.

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Which Are the Best BI Tools in 2024?

Best Business intelligence toolsBI tools are beneficial for improving the visibility and efficiency of a business as well as identifying customer behavior. Business intelligence tools help organizations make effective decisions by collecting data from the dynamic business environment.

Here are the top six best bI tools in 2024 that can help you augment your growth:


An American interactive data visualization that focuses on a business intelligence tool, Tableau allows users to create engaging dashboards and reports. It is one of the best BI tools for startups that is commonly used in the business intelligence and data science industries to help people and organizations make data-driven decisions.

Some key features offered by Tableau are mentioned below:

  • The improvements to Tableau for Slack will make it even simpler to put data at the center of each conversation. Users can simply search for and share Tableau material in direct messages and channels, as well as share it in Slack with visualization previews.
  • With data mapping, users can seamlessly automate manual data entry by taking an Accelerator — ready-to-use dashboards that are accessible for numerous use cases across industries in Tableau Exchange — and modifying it to fit any data source.
  • Data Stories for Tableau Server leverages natural language to automatically produce a completely customized narrative story while providing context to make the insights accessible to all business users, not just data analysts.
  • User Attribute Functions improve experiences by managing data access and enforcing security standards based on attributes like role, department, and geography. They also customize embedded processes for each user by showing only the most relevant information.


Sisense is an end-to-end proprietary best BI tool in the market and a popular business analysis software tool. It is specifically designed for users who are not well-versed or accustomed to using business intelligence tools.

Some interesting and highly beneficial features of Sisense are Data Visualization, Ad-hoc Reports, Ad hoc Analysis, and Ad hoc Queries. This BI tool has dynamic and strong text analytics functionalities and also comes with mobile and web-based deployment.

With Sisense, a user can perform broad analysis and interpret complex data through visualization, which helps businesses make advanced data-driven decisions. Some additional features include Key Performance Indicators, Profitability Analysis, and Strategic Planning.

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is one of the best business intelligence tools for personalized reporting and data analysis. It produces, analyzes, and visualizes data, and also provides real-time, data-driven insights. All these data insights are presented in the form of reports, dashboards, and visual data analytics.

Dundas BI tool utilizes data and creates meaningful insights to help you make fact-based and data-driven decisions. It also consolidates and stores data from various sources and removes unwanted and repeated data. With the Dundas business tool, a user can import or collect data from multiple sources like web-based data, file-based data, and so on.

Zoho Analytics

The Zoho Analytics BI tool allows users to create insightful dashboards and visualize data. It is a self-service analytics platform that operates with an AI-powered assistant that lets a user ask questions for which it offers intelligent answers in the form of reports.

With Zoho Analytics, data can be planned occasionally using programmed data synchronizing. This BI tool has over 100 readymade connectors for cloud drives, business apps, and databases.

It is also a unified business analytics that helps in data analysis from numerous other business apps. This is not all, it also has an AI and ML-powered intelligent assistant for Augmented analytics with white-label solutions for embedded analytics or BI/analytics portals.


Qlik is one of the best BI tools for open source that helps in developing analytics and data visualization. It provides the user with dashboards for multi-cloud data integration. It includes a full BI suite that deploys, designs, and manages data without the user having to learn the coding know-how.

The Qlik BI tool has features like data analytics, data integration, and data literacy, plus it is a self-serving visualization and guided & embedded analytics tool.

Qlik Sense is a free proprietary platform that uses in-memory indexing for maintaining data relationships to help businesses make effective decisions. It also has 3 important versions viz., Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Enterprise, and Qlik Sense Cloud.

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics helps businesses with data analyzing, reporting, data management, integration, alerting, etc. It has augmented analytics capabilities to help users analyze business intelligence insights.

Oracle Analytics leverages embedded AI and machine learning (ML) technology for data analysis and data predictions for better decision-making. Its key features are Augmented Analytics, Mobile Exploration, and Data Connectors. This BI tool gives a user access to data-driven financial insights by using its predictive model or the what-if scenario analysis.

It has a self-service dashboard and four sub-products – Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Analytics Server, Oracle Fusion Analytics, and Oracle Essbase.

Final Thoughts on Business Intelligence Tools

The best BI tools in 2024 as described in this blog will continue to evolve, offering even greater sophistication, accessibility, and usability, empowering organizations to streamline processes, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge in their industries through AI-powered business intelligence solutions. With AI and advanced analytics, BI tools are more powerful and user-friendly. These tools help businesses extract actionable insights, optimize processes, and stay ahead in a data-driven world. Continuous innovation will shape the future of BI, unlocking new possibilities for success with data.

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