6 Best Business Intelligence Tools In 2023

The quest for finding the best business intelligence tools is steadily increasing. With business intelligence tools, enterprises can uncover new prospects for growth, optimize ROI, and gain a competitive edge by leveraging data insights. 

Many businesses utilize the best business intelligence tools to accelerate and streamline their operations. Fundamentally, the value of business intelligence (BI) revolves around the fact that it enables data-driven decision-making, which is a fundamental truth.

Similar to how a handyman’s toolkit would be incomplete without hammers, nails, and screwdrivers, a professional in the field of business intelligence (BI) needs to be proficient with specific software tools. The business intelligence tool encompasses the techniques, plans, and technologies companies use to gather, process, and dissect data.

According to Forbes, 54% of companies assert cloud business intelligence tools as critical or pivotal to their current and future business strategies. Let’s take a look into why business intelligence tools are critical. 

Why use business intelligence (BI) software?

We are now part of a big data-driven world where every company has an enormous amount of data to be collected, analyzed, and interpreted. These data insights have a huge effect on a company’s processes and performance. This is why more companies are increasingly relying on employing the best business intelligence tools.

 Best Business intelligence tools

A business can potentially gain infinite data insights manually, but there are many important reasons to use business intelligence software. Through the use of BI, it is able to combine data from many sources, analyze it, and then communicate the results to the appropriate stakeholders. As a result, businesses are able to view the big picture and decide how to proceed. Any company decision carries some inherent risks, but those risks are less noticeable or concerning when a robust and effective BI solution is used. Organizations that are business intelligent can progress in a world that is becoming more data-driven because they are ready to meet any challenge that may come their way.

Best Business intelligence tools

BI tools are beneficial to improve the visibility as well as the efficiency of a business and identify customer behavior. Business Intelligence tools help a business in making effective decisions by collecting data from the dynamic business environment. 

Let’s go any further. Let’s understand what the best business intelligence tools are. The top six BI tools in 2022 that businesses used and will continue to use to augment growth are listed below. 

Zoho Analytics

The Zoho Analytics BI tool allows its users to create insightful dashboards and also visualize data. It is a self-service analytics platform that operates with an AI-powered assistant that lets a user ask questions and comes with intelligent answers in the form of reports.

With Zoho Analytics data can be planned occasionally because it has programmed data synchronizing. This BI tool has over 100 readymade connectors for cloud drives, business apps, and databases.

It is also a unified business analytics that helps in data analysis from numerous other business apps. This is not all, it also has an AI and ML-powered intelligent assistant for Augmented analytics added with white label solutions for embedded analytics or BI/analytics portals.

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is one of the best business intelligence tools for personalized reporting and data analysis. It produces, analyses, and visualizes data and also provides real-time, data-driven insights. All these data insights are presented in the form of reports, dashboards, and visual data analytics.

Dundas BI tool utilizes data and creates meaningful insights to help you make fact-based and data-driven decisions. It also consolidates and stores data from various sources and removes unwanted and repeated data. With the Dundas business tool, a user can import or connect data from multiple sources like web-based data, file-based data, etc.

Qlik: Best business intelligence reporting tool

Qlik is one of the best business intelligence reporting tools that helps you develop analytics and represents how data should get related. It provides the user with dashboards for multi-cloud data integration. Qlik offers a full BI suite that deploys, designs, and manages data without the user having to learn the coding know-how.

 Best Business intelligence tools

The Qlik BI tool has features like Data Analytics, Data integration, and Data Literacy plus it is a self-serving visualization, guided, and embedded analytics tool.

Qlik Sense is a free proprietary platform that uses in-memory indexing for maintaining data relationships to help businesses make effective decisions. It also has 3 important versions which are the Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Enterprise, and Qlik Sense Cloud.


Sisense is an end-to-end proprietary BI tool and also a very popular business analysis software tool. It is specifically designed for users who are not well-versed or accustomed to using business intelligence tools.

Some interesting and highly beneficial features of Sisense are Data Visualization, Ad-hoc Reports, Ad hoc Analysis, and Ad hoc Queries. This BI tool has dynamic and strong text analytics functionalities and also comes with mobile and web-based deployment.

With Sisense a user can perform broad analysis and interpret complex data through visualization which helps businesses to make advanced data-driven decisions. Some additional features include Key Performance Indicators, Profitability Analysis, and Strategic Planning.

Datapine: Best business intelligence Platform

Datapine is a BI tool that lets a user connect data from different sources and analyze the collected data using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. With all the collected data a user can create powerful business dashboards or generate customized reports. The Datapine BI tool is a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes and it can be implemented for different functions, platforms, and industries.

Datapine is the best business intelligence platform for non-technical users as it offers features for both advanced users and the average business user as well. The software has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and offers many interesting and useful features such as easy-to-use predictive analytics, interactive dashboards, multiple reporting tools, and AI-powered smart data insights.

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics is a BI tool that helps businesses with data analyzing, reporting, data management, integration, alerting, etc. It has augmented analytics capabilities to help users analyze business intelligence insights.

Oracle Analytics leverages embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for data analysis and data predictions for better decision-making. Its key features are Augmented Analytics, Mobile Exploration, and Data Connectors. With this BI tool, a user has access to data-driven financial insights by using its predictive model or the what-if scenario analysis.

It has a self-service dashboard and also has four sub-products which are Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Analytics Server, Oracle Fusion Analytics, and Oracle Essbase.

Winding Up

Business intelligence, as the phrase itself elaborates, is the process of skillfully and intelligently enhancing business performance. Due to the complexity of the business as a whole, this important goal is rarely accomplished using a manual procedure.

This work is made simple and doable with the use of cutting-edge business intelligence reporting technologies. Business intelligence tools or platforms are prone to change based on corporate requirements and rapidly evolving technology, but for now, it has been established that they are the most effective way to meet business objectives. BI marked its territory in 2022 and this trend is only going to continue in the future.

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