Simulmedia Announces Open Platform to Unify Audience Targeting, Measurement and Attribution for Truly Cross-Channel TV Advertising

Leading Adtech Companies Join New TV+® Partner Program to Provide an End-to-End Solution for Marketers on Both Linear and Connected TV

In an era of unprecedented TV audience fragmentation across linear and CTV, advertisers are more challenged than ever to not only find their target consumers at scale without wasteful duplication but also attribute business outcomes to their campaigns. This has sparked an influx of emerging suppliers providing data and insights to meet advertisers’ measurement needs.

“The TV+ platform’s access to the TruAudience Data Marketplace gives marketers the ability to engage their target audience regardless of network or show.”

Simulmedia, which pioneered a digital approach to TV advertising in 2008, recently launched the TV+® Advertising Platform to guarantee full audience reach across ad-supported channels on both linear and connected TV in the U.S. Today, Simulmedia builds on that announcement with the launch of the TV+ Partner Program, providing an open platform that leverages best-in-class targeting, measurement and attribution capabilities to deliver a seamless, automated end-to-end solution for truly cross-channel TV advertising.

Inaugural program members include TransUnion, TVSquared, and iSpot. Through these partnerships, Simulmedia’s TV+ clients can unlock access to a broader data set for targeting and measurement to better align with their business objectives.

“We’re partnering with best-in-class third parties to help our TV+ clients unify their approach across linear and streaming, unlock incremental audiences through CTV, and measure the KPIs that matter most to their businesses, whether those are traditional reach and frequency or business outcome-based,” said Dave Morgan, Simulmedia CEO and founder.

TransUnion has proven its leading ability to scale audiences across CTV through its unique three-dimensional view of identity that links people, households, and devices. Powered by this view, the company’s TruAudience solutions help clients reach demographic, behavioral, and interest-based TV viewers across over 80 million U.S. households. Simulmedia’s TV+ clients can use TruAudience® Data Marketplace segments to leverage industry-leading third-party data partners, and then predictively model where and when these audiences will be watching or streaming, ultimately delivering incremental CTV-only impressions to expand overall TV reach.

“Scalable and consistent audience targeting is critical as advertisers deploy dollars across the increasingly fragmented and omnichannel TV ecosystem,” said Matt Spiegel, EVP Media & Entertainment Vertical, TransUnion. “The TV+ platform’s access to the TruAudience Data Marketplace gives marketers the ability to engage their target audience regardless of network or show.”

TV advertisers today are seeking partnerships with modern measurement companies to prove deeper business impact. Simulmedia has partnered with TVSquared and iSpot to help clients understand how their TV investments drive metrics that matter to their respective businesses.

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Converged TV measurement and attribution leader TVSquared uses its ADvantage XP platform to measure the effectiveness of linear, addressable and CTV advertising for thousands of advertisers around the world. It delivers one of the richest pictures of the TV ad ecosystem, inclusive of over 100 million households globally and more than 75 CTV platforms. Through partnership with TVSquared, TV+ provides marketers with a 360-degree view of campaign effectiveness in real-time with insights into reach and frequency, unique unduplicated reach and performance outcomes, including how their advertising is driving app installs, ecommerce, in-store foot traffic and other KPIs important to their business – so strategies can be adjusted as needed in mid-flight.

“TVSquared has partnered with Simulmedia for many years, and is excited to support the TV+ platform,” said Jo Kinsella, President of TVSquared. “Together, we’re unifying campaign measurement and attribution so advertisers can get insights quickly to make the best buying decisions across converged TV inventory to help drive ROI and audience at scale.”

An industry leader in the development of new currencies for TV, iSpot’s ability to verify ad impressions on a second-by-second basis across linear and streaming serves as a foundation for measuring brand and business impact at scale. The company currently powers measurement for hundreds of brands and most U.S. networks, and powers measurement inside massive platforms such as GoogleDV360 and Oracle’s MOAT. With iSpot as a partner, TV+ can provide marketers with third-party measurement of their campaigns across linear and CTV as well as attribution for site visits, sales, subscriptions, downloads and other metrics.

“Simulmedia understands the value of data-informed audience buying and the brand trust that comes with independent measurement,” said Emily Wood, VP of Business Development, iSpot. “Making iSpot available inside of Simulmedia’s systems signifies a transparency and willingness to stand behind the unique reach and business outcome activity the company creates.”

Thanks to these partnerships and Simulmedia’s data-driven approach, patented technology and direct cross-channel integrations, the TV+ platform allows advertisers to execute and measure campaigns in a unified manner that reflects how viewers actually watch and stream television today.

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