Does Your Website Still Need AMP Landing Pages?

2023 is already here and it’s no secret anymore that in today’s time and age we need the Internet as much as we need water, food, air and shelter. In a world where the Internet is so important for survival, the human reliability to access the internet via Mobile phones has drastically increased. Today, more than two-thirds of the world’s total population use and depend on their mobile phones making it an integral part of our daily lives. 

Mobile phones or Smartphones have now become an important aspect for marketing and advertising purposes as the maximum number of website visitors are through mobile phones. And to help businesses with improving their mobile websites Google announced AMP landing pages back in 2015. 7 years later cut to 2023, are AMP pages still relevant and useful?

What are AMP pages?

In order to improve this loading time Google launched AMP landing pages i.e, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These pages are specifically designed to match the appropriate page loading speed and helps websites linked with AMP by loading their pages much faster than non- AMP landing pages.

The average loading time of any website is around 1-2 secs, but there are  several issues that can hamper the loading time and speed of your website. These issues can be anything from poor internet connection, size of the website’s media content to cached memory. One thing that is important to note here is that your website’s loading time can impact the overall performance of your website.

As per a study, 1 out of 4 visitors will leave your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Whereas, 46% of users do not revisit poorly performing websites which can affect the success of that brand especially for E-commerce websites and businesses. So, it is important for businesses to have AMP landing pages to be in the leading position in search engines to get maximum traffic.

Such pages are streamlined better and AMP HTML also helps developers to avoid common coding issues that lead to slow page loads. This makes browsers load mobile pages easier and faster. Also, AMP pages can be served directly from Google AMP Cache, where Google will choose to serve the cached copy of the original landing page, which offers fastest loading.

How AMP Landing Pages Impact Conversion Rates?

Recently, it has been observed that a number of potential customers surf through a brand’s website using mobile phones and many of the time they continue with the purchase and checkout using mobile websites only. This is where accelerated mobile pages and conversion rate correlates with each other.AMP Landing Pages

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who have completed a desired action such as visiting a website by clicking on an advertisement or completing a survey. It is calculated by using two types of data insights i.e. the total number of users and number of converted users. By dividing the number of converted users by the number of overall audience and converting the result into percentage gives as a conversion rate.

With the help of AMP pages a website can have faster loading times which leads to more viewers engaged with content and are more likely to go forward with the next step. The next step could be installing an application or just hit checkout for purchase and such pages will also be linked with AMP and work faster to provide improved conversion rates. This makes AMP landing pages important for enriching any business’s mobile website.

Will AMP Landing Pages Hold Their Importance in 2023?

Businesses revolve around profitability and want to make the most out of everything they do. And as maximum revenue generating customer base is going down the sales funnel through mobile websites, it has become the best mode to offer improved conversion rates. So, to compete with the thousands of brands and content providers online and to have your website on top list on search engines you need to be linked with AMP landing pages.

AMP Landing Pages

Although, there has been a controversy about Google prioritizing websites with accelerated mobile pages over non AMP pages. Besides, the pros of AMP pages makes the situation better and also helps to understand the relevance of AMP landing pages in 2023.

  • Speed – the most significant benefit of AMP is the speed. Did you know that on an average a mobile website takes 15 seconds to load, whereas Google AMP has a loading time of 0.7 seconds only.
  • Ranking – AMP landing pages are more user friendly and with the given fact of priority these websites get, it offers better rankings on index.
  • Less drain on server – for websites with usually high traffic, AMP can help with that too by reducing the drain on your server. Additionally, it improves user experience by preventing the original website from lagging or crashing.

Moreover, Google is looking forward to ways to provide improved AMP pages and solutions such as AMP HTML ads which allows businesses to deliver faster, lighter, and more secure ad experiences across all platforms. Along with optimizing a brands landing page, these AMP HTML ads also support publishers monetization by integrating several ad formats.  

If you are still confused with the relevance of AMP and can not make a choice, then looking at the number of users might help you decide. As per the Accelerated Mobiles Pages Projects about 31 million businesses have implemented AMP to boost their business with faster and better mobile website setups. 

Nowadays, there are several AMP landing page builders which are actually companies and professionals that help businesses providing assistance with building quality landing pages. Some of such popular company names include Unbounce AMP pages and Instapage, these builders even offer many AMP landing page templates to choose from. This makes implementations of AMP very easy and fast for all kinds of businesses.

Take Away

It can be said that Google’s AMP project has observed some stagnant experience between its journey. However, with the emphasis on digital transformation, marketing and importance of online presence in this fast paced world, AMP might be the push businesses required to be seen in the long run. And not to forget, the majority of  your target audience is browsing your website on mobile devices which is why AMP landing pages are what your business website definitely needs in 2023.

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