Pixalate Releases Industry’s First Children’s Privacy Index for Mobile Advertising: Ranks Programmatic Sell-Side Platforms (SSPs) Based on Percentage of Inventory from Child-Directed Apps

Pixalate, the global market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile Advertising,  released the Children’s Privacy Index for Mobile Advertising, a new addition to the Company’s suite of Indexes, which are used by the global digital advertising industry for quality and compliance benchmarking.

The Children’s Privacy Index for Mobile Advertising addresses compliance vulnerabilities in the ad tech supply chain resulting from Google and Apple’s failure to designate which apps in their stores are child-directed as defined by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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Pixalate’s Children’s Privacy Index for Mobile Advertising

Pixalate’s new Children’s Privacy Index for Mobile Advertising provides clarity by benchmarking sellers based on the percentage of ads they sell on apps that are likely child-directed as assessed by Pixalate‘s COPPA Methodology.

“Google and Apple fail to require developers to declare if their mobile apps target children under 13, posing a COPPA compliance challenge for the ad industry,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “This new monthly index is part of our ongoing open data initiative to help the ad industry comply with COPPA.”

The Index introduces the metric “Child Audience Risk” measuring a seller’s share of impressions against likely child-directed apps as compared to their peers. Each month, ad sellers earn one of four designations  – Low, Medium, High, or Critical. Sellers with the lowest share of impressions on likely child-directed apps compared to their peers are rated as “Low” and those with the highest share of impressions on likely child-directed apps are rated as “Critical.”

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