36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform Enters Into One-stop Marketing Service Cooperation with ByteDance’s Volcano Engine

36Kr Holdings Inc., a prominent brand and pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China, announced that its Enterprise Service Review Platform has entered into a one-stop marketing service cooperation with Volcano Engine, ByteDance’s cloud service brand.

Under the cooperation agreement, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform will provide comprehensive marketing solutions for Volcano Engine, including customer acquisition, content marketing management and promotional campaigns, among others. As China’s pioneering SaaS platform for enterprise services software selection, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform has developed a set of proprietary marketing solutions, including customer acquisition and conversion of sales leads, as well as marketing campaigns, promotions, content production and community operations for all types of SaaS providers. For Volcano Engine, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform will provide a one-stop solution tailored to its business and products across cloud services, big data, and intelligent technologies. Leveraging its fast-growing userbase and in-depth understanding of the SaaS industry, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform will not only empower Volcano Engine with effective access to target customer groups, secure and convert sales leads, but will also provide multiple types of value-added content operations such as live broadcasts, evaluation reports, and in-depth interviews to solidify Volcano Engine’s unique market position in the SaaS industry.

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Riding the wave of digital transformation in China, 36Kr launched its Enterprise Service Review Platform in late 2020, aspiring to build the go-to destination for enterprises to efficiently identify and procure SaaS products most suitable to their individual needs. 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform is designed to address the pain point of information asymmetry between buyers and sellers in the enterprise services market. With a comprehensive library of SaaS apps and products, a growing display of authentic reviews and commentaries, and a structured knowledge graph, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform helps all participants in the digital transformation and upgrade process to make informed decisions on SaaS product procurement for their respective businesses. Following a year and a half of incubation, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform has grown into one of the most comprehensive, authoritative, influential, and convenient enterprise service platforms in China.

By the end of the first quarter of 2022, 36Kr’s Enterprise Service Review Platform had showcased approximately 6,000 mainstream SaaS products, spanning enterprise services software across 16 sectors and 200 industries. The platform now covers most of the leading and well-known SaaS brands, and its monthly active users (MAUs) reached approximately 900,000 during the first quarter, rising nearly 26 times year-over-year. The total number of authentic reviews on its platform surged almost 50 times to over 21,000, and the number of registered SaaS merchants on the platform has also grown significantly, reaching almost 700 to date. Since kicking off its initial commercialization efforts in early 2022, 36Kr Enterprise Service Review Platform has signed service contracts with an array of leading enterprise software brands, including Kingdee, Beisen, Polyv, HiteVision, and EC SCRM.

Mr. Dagang Feng, 36Kr’s co-chairman and CEO, commented, “We are delighted to have entered into a one-stop marketing cooperation with Volcano Engine, which marks another important breakthrough in our Enterprise Service Review Platform’s business development. As a prominent brand and pioneering platform serving New Economy participants in China, 36Kr has accumulated vast content assets, a diversified portfolio of service capabilities, and dominant influence in the New Economy space over the past decade. Our innovative Enterprise Service Review Platform will further extend 36Kr’s service boundaries, harnessing our content advantage, massive user base, and enterprise data to help clients improve efficiency in their customer acquisition as well as product selection. Moving forward, with our relentless efforts in product optimization and commercialization, we believe that our Enterprise Service Review Platform will become a new growth engine for 36Kr, accelerate the expansion of our business boundaries, and unlock more of the Company’s potential value.”

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