Zadara Collaborates with Seagate to Bring Seamless, On-Demand Cloud Experience to Enterprise Customers

Companies Deliver Access to Global Edge Cloud Infrastructure, Provide Complete Cloud Stack On-Demand

Zadara, a recognized leader in edge cloud services, announced that it is working together with leading mass data storage infrastructure solutions provider, Seagate® Technology Holdings plc to deploy zCompute, its elastic, enterprise-grade, expert-managed compute infrastructure, in Seagate’s storage-as-a-service (STaaS) Lyve™ Cloud platform.

“As workloads scale larger and larger, the costs to maintain them in public clouds becomes untenable”

Launched last year, Seagate’s Lyve Cloud provides always-on mass capacity data storage and activation to deliver high availability, cost predictability, and cloud flexibility. Seagate is now broadening Lyve Cloud’s service offering to include Zadara zCompute, one component of Zadara’s fully managed edge cloud services, for today’s modern workloads.

zCompute enables enterprises to develop, deploy, run and virtualize any application anywhere – whether colocation, private data center, public cloud, or at the edge. zCompute is an ideal complement to Seagate’s existing Lyve Cloud Object Storage, providing an equivalent cloud storage and compute experience as other cloud providers. zCompute can be deployed along with Lyve Cloud Object Storage and provides significant cost savings.

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Zadara shares our vision for infrastructure-as-a-service,” said Ravi Naik, chief information officer and executive vice president storage services for Seagate. “Vendor lock-in is eliminated, simple, flexible deployment is enabled, and costs become predictable for the largest workloads. We designed Lyve Cloud to help enterprises overcome the cost and complexity of storing, moving and activating data, and collaborating with Zadara helps us to provide our customers with elastic compute resources that scale to their business needs.”

Specific zCompute features include:

  • Flexible Consumption Model: Enterprise-grade, high-performance elastic cloud services, with zero CapEx cost burden. Avoid large investments in infrastructure, scale up or down as needed and only pay for what is consumed.
  • Elastic Compute Down to a Single Virtual Machine: Self-service instant-provisioning that scales down to well below the starting price and scale of competing cloud solutions.
  • Workload Performance: Deliver a familiar, high-performance, agile x86 compatible cloud compute experience, with DevOps automation, in existing locations with zero CapEx or refresh costs.
  • Expert 24x7x365 Services: Fully managed support from Zadara’s global solution architect and DevOps teams

“As workloads scale larger and larger, the costs to maintain them in public clouds becomes untenable,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara. “Enterprises with petabyte scale workloads have become disheartened by their public cloud experience and want to move to the edge. The Zadara and Seagate collaboration addresses this, allowing for massive scalability with predictable performance and costs. Together, we deliver a powerful solution that combines simple integration and support, joint marketing and sales efforts, and tested, proven workloads.”

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