GoDaddy Unlocks the Power of Generative AI with Three New Product Launches

GoDaddy, Inc. helps entrepreneurs thrive, announced three new products and services that leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) to help them accomplish vital but time-consuming tasks to grow their business.

“We’ve heard from small businesses who want to grow their business, but they also want to improve their work-life balance,” said GoDaddy U.S. Independents President Gourav Pani. “GoDaddy built these AI tools with entrepreneurs in mind. Reducing the effort to create content that attracts and engages their customers, for instance, frees up small business owners’ time to focus on growing their business and devoting time to their families.”

In a recent survey about generative AI, GoDaddy found that small business owners are eager to grow and save time doing it. Nearly one in four surveyed indicated a willingness to leverage outside help for tasks like creating content.

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With GoDaddy’s three new AI products that now use generative AI, small businesses can quickly and easily generate:

  • Online Store Product Descriptions – GoDaddy’s incorporated AI technology takes a product photo snapped by the business owner and generates a creative, customized product description from it within seconds. A set of prompts are run through three AI models to deliver a concise, high-quality compelling summary that gets dropped in the item’s description online.
  • Customer Service Messages – Sometimes an interaction with a customer can take place over days or even weeks. Due to the varying length of elapsed time, business operators can struggle to remember exactly what a customer needed or wanted. Now, instead of scrolling through emails, notes, texts or direct messages to catch up, they can use the GoDaddy Conversations app. Powered by AI technology, it summarizes the conversation with the customer and after a little direction from the small business, it proposes responses the business can adapt and send to keep the customer feeling cared for and appreciated.
  • Instagram and Facebook Ads – Most small businesses aren’t advertising firms, so they don’t know the best practices for creating advertisements, including on ever-popular social media channels. That’s where GoDaddy and generative AI come in. Now GoDaddy customers can use Digital Ads to generate eye-catching ads almost instantly to attract people to their business.

“Often, the hardest part of content creation is starting with a blank page,” said Pani. “Now, our customers can leverage the best tools to get a head start on the competition. With these new tools – and many others GoDaddy will be launching in the coming weeks and months – small business owners can save time and win new customers using the best of what constantly improving AI has to offer.”

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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