Deloitte Digital Introduces CreativEdge: A Generative AI-powered, Omnichannel, Content Creation Tool That Can Revolutionize Marketing

Tool empowers brands with customizable, user-friendly, and data-informed content creation at the speed of creativity.

Key takeaways

  • Deloitte Digital is launching CreativEdge, a production ready Generative AI solution for customized, on-brand content creation.
  • CreativEdge delivers consistent, cross-media marketing and sales campaigns including digital display, email, social media and video storyboards with the push of a button. The cutting-edge tool streamlines workflows for marketing and sales content production, including text, images and translations in over 20 languages.
  • The CreativEdge secure solution can be integrated into existing datasets, processes and legacy systems, offering a flexible solution that can function within an organization’s current technology, or combined with Deloitte’s m/suite workflow and content studio creative team for an end-to-end managed services solution

Why this matters

Tomorrow’s customer wants to feel seen by the brands they interact with. Deloitte Digital’s latest innovation, CreativEdge, is designed to empower marketing teams with the capabilities of GenAI for content creation. This end-to-end web-based tool simplifies content creation workflows, enabling rapid concepting and building of creative assets and copy for sales purposes or omnichannel marketing campaigns.

The introduction of CreativEdge signals a significant shift in the marketing landscape, marking an evolution from hypothetical GenAI discussions, to an accessible and user-friendly tool brands can apply to ongoing projects with ease. This tool helps address the increasing demand for personalization at scale while leveraging existing approved brand assets and integrating into existing workflows. Users can input their campaign goals and target audiences into CreativEdge and instantly generate new text and image content for email, social media, paid media and other channels. It’s a catalyst, providing creative professionals with a unique advantage to amplify imagination.

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CreativEdge empowers marketers to lead the way on how campaigns come to life. Some examples include:

  • Marketing strategists can use CreativEdge to create detailed personas to understand the behaviors of difference audience segments, informing keyword research and SEO strategy.
  • Marketing campaign managers can use the creative concept suggestions provided by CreativEdge to construct unique, compelling marketing campaigns.
  • Copywriters can develop personalized and localized emails and social media captions to effectively reach each segment of their audience. Similarly, graphic designers can use the tool to develop a variety of assets that are tailored to the audience’s preferences.
  • Social media managers can plan out a visual narrative for video or audio content on social platforms, ensuring a consistent and compelling story. Additionally, using personas, they can develop tailored social media assets, including relevant hashtags. This allows for highly targeted content that resonates with specific audience segments.

CreativEdge was developed by a multi-disciplinary Deloitte Digital team, comprised of leaders specializing in Content Marketing, GenAI, Audience Segmentation and Workflow management, combined with the development experience of Deloitte Engineering.


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