Adstra Appoints Todd Schoenherr as SVP, Head of Product

Adstra, the leader in enterprise identity resolution across all marketing and media touchpoints, announced the appointment of Todd Schoenherr as SVP, Head of Product. Schoenherr, an experienced product leader who has worked across data and technology companies, will oversee Adstra’s product team.

Schoenherr arrives at Adstra from JLGS Ventures, where he held the position of Strategic Consultant. In this role, he advised capital backers on business potential, market expansion, and growth options for a lead generation site focused on connecting local retailers and service providers with residents in luxury markets. Schoenherr has more than 15 years of experience in AdTech, Data, and Identity. He’s led product and strategy teams at Infutor, mParticle, Signal, and Orbitz. In these roles, Schoenherr saw firsthand the need for brands to have a strategic customer data capability, and the challenges they face trying to stitch together different vendors to achieve this.

“Conexa is a distinctive and disruptive answer to the myriad use cases for enterprise identity,” said Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra. “Todd has spent his entire career at the intersection of data and media, with a profound comprehension of the unique solutions that brands require to change the way they data and embrace a new approach to identity. We are thrilled to have him aboard to advance the Conexa value prop and ensure it meets the evolving demands of a changing ecosystem.”

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At the core of Adstra’s innovative approach to identity resolution, Adstra’s flagship product, Conexa™, is an Enterprise Identity Platform unique in its ability to operate within a brand’s firewall or other environments, empowering brands with unencumbered control of their data and insights and the ability to resolve consumer identity transparently, with complete interoperability, and without privacy risks.

“Brands have many tools that are point solutions that solve for one aspect of their customer data strategies, but don’t create lasting strategic value,” said Schoenherr. “Adstra solves for this by bringing brands data and identity solutions behind the firewall. The end result is a strategic data capability, instead of a handful of one off, incomplete solutions. Adstra’s products address the needs of brands across all phases of the customer lifecycle and across every customer touchpoint, including customer acquisition, media measurement, advanced analytics, and personalization. Adstra provides the foundation to integrate and supercharge brands’ customer data stack to provide better customer experiences and power their businesses.”

Adstra represents the pinnacle of data-driven solutions, offering a seamless, comprehensive suite of identity and data services that are portable, flexible, and subscription-based. Bridging the divide between personally identifiable information (PII) and anonymized data, Adstra delivers unparalleled speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring smooth data portability across all media.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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