ChaosSearch to Showcase Search and Operational Analytics Capabilities for the Data Lake at AWS Summit

ChaosSearch will showcase its operational analytics capabilities at AWS Summit San Francisco, taking place April 20 to April 21. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform empowers organizations to activate their data lakes built on Amazon S3 for analytics at scale

Today’s digitally native organizations are dealing with data that is ever-growing in volume, velocity, and complexity. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform is the only solution that indexes data and renders it immediately available for search and analytics via Elasticsearch, Kibana, and SQL. Users can perform both log analytics and SQL queries concurrently and in-situ from their cloud object storage, without data pipelining, transformation, or movement.

“For data-driven organizations who are tired of the toil and cost of moving and preparing data for analysis, ChaosSearch offers operational analytics that removes these barriers and unlocks transformative insights,” said Ed Walsh, CEO, ChaosSearch. “We combine unlimited scale with unparalleled simplicity, allowing organizations to maximize efficiency while minimizing the work it takes for always-on trend analysis and reporting at scale.”

The platform’s capabilities are driving tremendous cost-performance benefits and ease of use, and making it easier for organizations like Blackboard (now part of Anthology), Digital River, and Equifax to access and analyze unlimited log analytics at scale, leading them to achieve better data insights at a fraction of the cost.

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“With the move to ChaosSearch, 98% of all operational burdens have been lifted from us, allowing us to focus on Anthology-specific tasks,” said Joel Snook, senior director of DevOps Engineering, Blackboard, now part of Anthology.

To learn more:

Meet ChaosSearch at AWS Summit San Francisco, April 20-21: Booth #325
Join the team’s happy hour, Chaos at the W, on April 20:
Attending media and analysts can contact to set up on-site meetings.

About ChaosSearch

ChaosSearch helps modern organizations Know Better® by activating the data lake for analytics. The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform indexes customers’ cloud data, rendering it fully searchable and enabling analytics at scale with massive reductions of time, cost and complexity.

ChaosSearch was purpose-built for cost-effective, highly scalable analytics encompassing full text search, SQL and machine learning capabilities in one unified offering. The patented ChaosSearch technology instantly transforms your cloud object storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage) into a hot, analytical data lake.

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