CoHost Launches New Podcasting Platform to Solve Podcasters’ Biggest Pain Point – Audience Growth

CoHost announced the launch of its podcasting analytics and growth platform, which combines a suite of powerful tools and features that make it easier for creators to launch, distribute, grow, and measure their podcasts. The launch coincides with the release of CoHost’s first annual Podcaster Insights Survey, which found that audience growth is overwhelmingly the main challenge podcasters face (91% listed it as a top challenge).

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“Over the past 3 years our team has launched and scaled hundreds of professional podcasts, and we realized that a lot of fantastic podcasters simply lack the experience and tools to grow and scale their podcasts. They’re fed up with wasting time logging into multiple tools and platforms to access siloed and confusing data,” said Fatima Zaidi, CEO & founder of CoHost and Quill Podcasting Agency. “That’s why we built CoHost, the place that smart podcasters go to find reliable analytics and insights about their shows and audiences.”

The 2022 Podcaster Insights Survey polled professional podcasters and found that most podcasters struggle to grow their audiences, even though they depend on audience growth in order to monetize. The survey found

“Since starting with CoHost, our podcast performance has grown exponentially,” said Sarah Johnson, the host of the Girl on Girl Podcast and a CoHost customer. “We’ve been able to track that growth in a clear, simple way through CoHost’s analytics — especially when compared to the hosting platform we were using previously.”

CoHost is created by Quill Podcasting, the award-winning podcast agency responsible for creating and growing podcasts for notable brands and influencers. CoHost customers include notable fortune 500 brands listed here.

In celebration of its launch, CoHost is offering podcasters a promotional discount of 67% off for the first six months of using the platform with a risk-free, 30-day trial.

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