DataGPT’s New Google Analytics Connector Removes Barrier to Entry for Answers to Complex Data Questions

DataGPT, the leading provider of conversational AI data analytics software, announced the beta launch of DataGPT Xpress, a new, self-serve library of connectors for third party applications like Google Analytics that help business users easily and quickly gain insights without managing manual exports or imports. Unlike traditional data platforms requiring time consuming onboarding processes, DataGPT Xpress and the new Google Analytics connector allows marketers, product teams and others to get up and running in minutes with advanced data analytics. Connectors for Shopify, HubSpot, and Salesforce are expected to launch in Q3 2024.

“DataGPT Xpress has revolutionized how we analyze our Google Analytics data for marketing,” said Arianne Bonacua, Content Marketing Manager for SaaS, Lunas Consulting. “With its conversational AI capabilities, we can quickly analyze key insights previously buried in our data, making reporting 10x easier and faster! It’s like having a personal analyst at our fingertips, guiding us towards better-informed decisions.”

Small and midsize businesses are at a data disadvantage, with more than half (53%) unaware of what insights their data could provide. Many operate with constrained budgets, hindering their ability to invest in sophisticated data analytics tools or hire dedicated data teams. While most (90%) acknowledge modernizing their approach to data management, only 42% are investing in data to drive growth. The complexity and cost of implementing an advanced data infrastructure and analytics capabilities has put them at an unfair advantage, unable to make informed decisions. DataGPT Xpress was built with those users in mind.

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“Launching DataGPT Xpress marks a milestone in our journey to democratize access to data. Google Analytics users will be the first to instantly connect and double-click on their GA data using our personal Conversational AI analyst,” said Arina Curtis, CEO and co-founder, DataGPT. “Built from the same technology as our enterprise DataGPT software, this new affordable offering lowers the barrier to entry and will soon include connectors for other popular third party applications like Shopify, HubSpot, Salesforce and more.”

DataGPT Xpress bridges the gap between marketing or product teams and their data by no longer requiring busy data teams to uncover the insights for them. The self-serve capabilities empower business users to perform their own analysis, dynamically comparing campaigns and delivering contextually relevant analysis that leads to better results for specific business problems. Users can ask questions like, “Why did we see a drop in page views this week?” “What product categories are trending over the last month?” and “What channels are performing worse than the past quarter?”

DataGPT Xpress can help marketers save money on email campaigns by querying monthly results, and using those insights to identify segments of the campaign that most influence overall performance. Marketers can also gain a better understanding of page views and conversion rates to improve site content and user experiences, and the comprehensive analysis and reporting leads to better-informed, faster decision making.

DataGPT continues to make significant strides since launching out of stealth in October 2023. The company recently announced first-to-market Dynamic Benchmarking capabilities, giving business users the power to analyze data by date range and perform head-to-head comparisons of specific segments within the data over the same period of time.


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