Influential Commercial Mailer Switches Software for a Multi-Billion-Piece Operation

PRWeb Data-driven performance marketing services leader IWCO is dedicated to Making Better Happen℠ for its clients. This includes bringing on expert collaborators, like its new strategic partnership with postal analytics and software innovator Assurety Consulting and Solutions, Inc.

IWCO is on a journey to modernize its operations across the board, and that starts with the software that makes it possible to produce, process, and induce billions of pieces of mail per year.

“We have three production plants, and our goal was to get to a common mailing platform. We picked Assurety for proof-of-concept and decided that was the platform we wanted to implement for all our production sites,” Schiley said.

IWCO used the same software at multiple sites, but not in the same manner. Differences in workflows and siloed data made it difficult to substitute a worker from one plant to another during an illness or vacation.

Bringing all three sites under one common enterprise-scale solution helped the company streamline workflows, function as a team across sites, and verify jobs without having to pull up multiple systems.

“We can do so much more in AIMSplus™ versus our previous systems,” Schiley said. “And we can do cross-checks between what we are seeing in production versus what is being mailed since it’s all tracked in the same platform.”

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AIMSplus™ is a software platform with multiple modules that empowers commercial mailers, shippers, parcel, and post organizations to streamline mail data in Mail.dat® and Mail.XML eDoc standards.

Schiley worked closely with Assurety CEO and Founder Shariq Mirza to select the right mix of AIMSplus™ modules to complement their mailing operations.

“Because IWCO’s operation is so large and complex, we suggested several add-on modules to manage their daily mailing operations and help them achieve their goals,” Mirza said. “AIMSplus™ is scalable, so it’s easy to add more modules as they refine their business model.”

IWCO chose the two most popular AIMSplus™ modules, plus others that are specific to their operations. Standard modules include MailAssurety™ the web-based Mail.dat® editor and SeamlessAssurety™, the Mail.dat Seamless Acceptance validator. Those modules make up the backbone of the system, with additional modules available for specific uses.

MailAssurety™ helps IWCO combine presort jobs and simplify the process of verifying and reconciling each mailing. SeamlessAssurety™ helps staff manage their pre-induction and post-induction Mail.dat files to ensure compliance with Seamless and full-service rules.

“We liked Assurety’s ease of use and scalability, and the cost savings in IT and server support with AIMSplus™,” Schiley said. “The software is intuitive, and you don’t have to be a Mail.dat expert to use it, so more of our staff can use it versus our previous system.”


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