ironSource Launches Dynamic Segmentation, Allowing Developers to Optimize their Segmentation Monetization Strategy in Real-Time

This unique tool helps app developers improve user engagement to maximize revenue in real-time within an app

ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy, announced that its Platform now supports Dynamic Segmentation in its mediation solution LevelPlay. The feature allows app developers to improve user engagement, optimize their monetization strategy and maximize revenue, by adjusting the ad strategy in real-time as a user changes segments during an app session.

The existing Segmentation product on LevelPlay enables developers to tailor their ad strategy by user group, including by paying users, OS type, app version, and many other parameters, creating a more relevant ad experience and helping developers maximize engagement and revenue. Dynamic Segmentation takes this a step further by instantly updating the ad strategy when users switch segments while using an app. For example, a developer can configure the settings so that as a user progresses within a game to a higher level or if they convert mid-session into a paying user, they’re instantly moved to a different waterfall, have different caps and pacing on their ads, and other adaptations that suit their new segment, all in real time. Additionally, a developer may opt to implement a more simple waterfall or bidder when first entering the app, followed by a more complex one based on the user’s interaction with the initial ad.

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“The more tools a developer has to refine their ad strategy, the better it will be for user engagement and ultimately for app revenue,” explains Nimrod Zuta, VP Product at ironSource. “This product is the latest in a range of new tools we’ve released to enable app developers to be as sophisticated as possible in implementing and optimizing app growth strategies, and following our launch of Real Time Pivot Report and App Analytics earlier this month, serves to expand an already robust platform offering where developers can access a one-stop shop for running a sophisticated, profitable app business.”

The new tool is simple to activate, and is accompanied by accurate revenue and analytic data.

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