Marchex Wins 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

Marchex, which harnesses the power of AI and conversational intelligence to provide actionable insights aligned with prescriptive vertical market data analytics, driving operational excellence and revenue acceleration, announced that Marchex Platform Services has been selected for an AI Excellence Award in the Generative AI category as part of the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program by the Business Intelligence Group.

Marchex Platform Services (MPS) stands at the forefront of conversational analytics by transforming the way businesses engage with their customers. On a daily basis, Marchex ingests and analyzes millions of customer conversations across multiple channels via phone calls, texts, and transcripts. Marchex Platform Service employs state-of-the-art AI technologies to unearth rich insights for Fortune 500 businesses. This deep first party data trains language learning models for each vertical market.

During the past year, MPS has introduced groundbreaking features, including Call Summaries and Sentiment Analysis, significantly optimizing agent time, and improving customer experiences.

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Call Summaries offer natural language summarizations of customer conversations, reducing the need for manual recording while also delivering unbiased, concise accounts of agent-customer interactions. While many conversational analytics companies offer a base level of call summarization, the Sentiment Suite also goes beyond traditional sentiment analysis by providing detailed insights into customer emotions and perceptions of a business. For example, this offering distinguishes itself by not only identifying customer frustration, but also understanding its underlying causes– and then can assess overall customer satisfaction. These advancements have shown strong correlations with online review ratings, offering businesses real-time insights into customer pain points and satisfaction levels.

“Marchex’s unique approach to harnessing generative AI for conversational analytics sets us apart in the market, providing invaluable tools for businesses to enhance sales and customer service, train agents, and improve overall business performance,” said Edwin Miller, Marchex CEO. “This latest award reflects our team’s hard work and focus on delivering products that can help companies interact more effectively with their customers, ultimately boosting the bottom line while improving the overall customer experience.”

“We are truly honored to recognize Marchex with this prestigious award,” stated Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer for the Business Intelligence Group. “The unwavering commitment of their team to excellence and their innovative AI applications have catapulted them to this remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the entire organization!”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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