DesignRush Reveals the Top SEO Companies in February 2024

Mastering SEO has never been more critical, considering 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic search. DesignRush has selected the top SEO agencies, each recognized for developing strategies that improve search rankings, boost organic traffic, and enhance a brand’s digital footprint.

As reported by BrightEdge, website traffic consists of 53.3% organic searches. This highlights the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in today’s digital ecosystem. In addition, HubSpot cites that SEO leads generate a 14.6% close rate — higher than outbound leads, with only 1.7%.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace, has handpicked the best SEO companies skilled in using data-driven strategies and deep algorithm knowledge to ensure high search rankings and impactful brand presence.

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The top SEO companies in February are:

1. Spectrum BPO –

Spectrum BPO helps businesses launch, grow, and manage their Amazon and Walmart stores by offering full-service solutions encompassing A9-optimised SEO, listings, A+ designs, and PPC ads strategies.

2. Currier Marketing –

3. KloudPortal –

4. SpearPoint Marketing LLC –

5. Anglux –

6. Effeect –

7. DigitilizeWeb –

8. SmartClick Agency –

9. Jeff Social Marketing –

10. Optimized Webmedia –

11. Profit Parrot Marketing –

12. GIO Design Studio –

13. In Motion Marketing –

14. 8CLICKS –

15. JS Interactive –

16. Pathbrand –


18. Justwords Digital –

19. Allinclusive –

20. Swanson Marketing –

21. Ecom Development NYC –

22. TopOut Group –

23. Ernst Media –

24. Content Hacker –

25. Logical M. Design –

26. ASTERI –

27. Avanti Creativo –

28. Avita Group –

29. Blackstone Consultancy –

30. LoudGrowth –

Brands can explore the top SEO companies by location, size, average hourly rate, and portfolio on DesignRush. is a B2B marketplace and media platform connecting businesses with agencies through expert reviews and agency ranking lists, awards, knowledge resources, and personalized agency recommendations for vetted projects.


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