Fluvio and Product Marketing Alliance Forge a Strategic Partnership to Elevate Product Marketing

In a strategic move to empower technology companies with robust product marketing and go-to-market solutions, Fluvio, the leading product marketing consulting firm, and Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), a global community for product marketers, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. The partnership enhances joint capabilities across three vital domains: Consulting, Research, and Talent, providing technology companies with robust solutions to tackle their most critical go-to-market (GTM) challenges.

Consulting Advancements:
With PMA’s expansive global community and platform, Fluvio is set to extend its globally-recognized consulting services to help more companies navigate through their critical go-to-market challenges. Together, PMA and Fluvio now offer the most complete suite of products and services that help companies scale more effectively and efficiently throughout each stage of their lifecycle.

Research Innovations:
The partnership embarks on a mission to build unique and actionable insights with plans to jointly produce industry reports and whitepapers. With an expanded reach, and combined efforts in researching, synthesizing, publishing, and promoting insights, the partnership is committed to advancing the product marketing industry’s knowledge base.

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Talent Enhancement:
Tapping into the strengths of PMA’s recruiting arm and global reach, and Fluvio’s Launchpad hiring service, the partnership is uniquely situated to help companies attract and recruit top-tier product marketing talent. Beyond recruitment, there’s a shared vision for nurturing talent through comprehensive learning and development programming, with an emphasis on executive-level training. This blend of talent acquisition and development expertise provides organizations with a holistic solution to attract, recruit, and nurture top-tier product marketing talent.

Richard King, Founder and CEO of the Product Marketing Alliance, expressed, “This collaboration with Fluvio marks a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering a richer product marketing ecosystem. The combined efforts in consulting, research, and talent development are set to accelerate the pace at which the industry evolves.”

Echoing the sentiment, Devon O’Rourke, Founder and Managing Partner of Fluvio, remarked, “The synergy with PMA unlocks a plethora of opportunities. Together, we’re not only extending our consulting horizon but also creating a fertile ground for knowledge dissemination and talent development, which are crucial for the evolution of the product marketing function.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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