Do’s & Don’ts of Selecting Project Management Software for 2022

It’s essential for any project manager to have a toolkit, one that can aid them in managing and carrying out projects effortlessly. The toolkit can consist of many things, but the one tool that is fundamental is Project Management Software.

Pre-pandemic, a project management tool was considered a novelty, something that large organizations with massive budgets could afford to use. Post-pandemic, however, the novelty has rapidly become a necessity. Remote work, lockdowns, supply-chain disruptions, and steadily increasing inflation have all affected the way projects are carried out in every sector.

With that in mind, it is clear that project management tools have a large role to play in organizing people, plans and budgets.

Software Finder is thus conducting a free webinar on the do’s and don’ts of choosing project management software for 2022. The webinar will touch on topics like:

The pricing models of top 5 project management tools in 2022
Common pitfalls of dealing with customer support and their workarounds
Hidden costs of implementation and how to minimize them.
The panelist, Steve West, the accomplished CEO of Project Management Software Project Insight, will be leading the discussion on July 26th, 2022 at 11:30 am PDT.

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There are limited free slots available. Interested participants can register here. Software Finder also offers a free consultation to project managers who are interested in enabling technology to plan and execute their next projects. Project Managers, PMO, C-Suite execs and directors alike can get in touch by calling the helpline directly on +1 661 384 7070.

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