Drift Introduces GPT Integration, Advancing AI for B2B Marketers and Sellers

Drift, the Conversation Cloud company, announced a generative pretrained transformer (GPT) integration using OpenAI’s API, available exclusively to select Drift customers. The initial integration provides artificial intelligence (AI) suggested replies in live chat, allowing sales representatives (reps) to immediately respond to complex customer questions without ever having to leave the conversation.

The AI will suggest a reply for the sales rep to use based on their company’s website content and marketing materials, the context of that specific conversation and GPT. The sales rep will have the option to customize the suggested reply before sending, or dismiss it and generate a new suggested reply if the first one didn’t meet their needs. The ability to generate suggested replies by repurposing any available content also provides real-time on-the-job training for new sales reps (which currently takes three months on average), teaching them how to respond accurately and in the right brand voice.

Gaps in education and training were cited as the top barrier to AI adoption by 63% of marketers and sales reps polled in Drift’s recent 2022 State of Marketing and Sales AI Report. Large language models, like ChatGPT, are helping change that by making AI usable and understandable to everyone. It is one of the first AI technologies made available to the public in a way that non-technical experts can understand and experiment with.

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“The buzz around ChatGPT, and the widespread experimentation that  followed, has only underscored that conversation-based AI is paving the way of the future. But, it needs to be tailored to solve meaningful business challenges,” said Matt Tippets, senior vice president at Drift. “With Drift’s ability to use Conversational AI to contextualize responses that augment the efforts of human teams, we’ve created a feature that helps sales reps of all experience levels be more productive, particularly relevant now with pressure on during a more difficult economic climate.”

While B2B sales and marketing professionals are excited by the possibilities of GPT implementations, many are hesitant about potential risks. By combining Drift’s trusted Conversational AI with GPT, marketing and sales reps will be able to more quickly and accurately respond to customers in chat.

This aligns with Drift’s mission to help businesses connect with people at the right time, in the right place, with the right conversation.

Additional features that will be available later this year within the Drift GPT integration include:

  • Automated content creation and ongoing optimization of playbooks
  • Automated onboarding and AI topic training
  • Personalizing sales outreach and prioritizing target accounts

“I’ve always admired Drift’s customer-centric approach to building practical AI tools, and suggested replies is a great addition that will immediately increase productivity for users,” said Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of Marketing AI Institute.

Drift’s GPT integration will enter its Beta stage in March with select customers. Shortly thereafter, the integration will become more widely available to Drift’s customers and new features will be added.

SOURCE: PR Newswire


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