Ellen Didier Shares Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Ellen Didier, Founder & President of Red Sage Communications, Inc., was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Marketing Podcast

 In this interview, marketer Ellen Didier talks with Mission Matters about the importance of using advanced integrated marketing approaches that support business goals and generate leads..

Listen to the complete interview of Ellen Didier with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

What mission matters to you?

Didier says she’s driven by a desire to deliver results by helping clients align their marketing strategy to their business goals, executing a wide range of traditional and digital services focused on raising brand awareness and driving revenue.. Her marketing company, Red Sage Communications, helps its clients grow through results-oriented brand visibility and lead generation services.

“We align our marketing with our clients’ goals so that at the end of the day, marketing spend is focused, tracked, and effective.” she says.

How did it all start?

Red Sage was founded in 2006 and grew to become the largest communications agency in northern Alabama. The name indicates the company’s dedication to helping clients stand out and be visible in their industries, as the color red stands out, while providing sage, practical and strategic advice.

Didier’s professional background began with a small marketing company focused on providing marketing services to pump distributors and other industrial and B2B clients. Red Sage worked with B2B clients long before social media and the need for a digital presence became important tools in the toolbox.. In the beginning, Red Sage originally focused on branding and traditional media, then aggressively expanded its services as the digital marketing world began to develop and evolve, rapidly growing the company.

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Tell us more about Red Sage.

“Red Sage is a value-driven, full-service, integrated agency focused on developing and using a wide range of marketing tools to strengthen brands and connect clients to their audiences,” Didier explains.

Its 17 team members include account service professionals, as well as specialists in design, video, social media, digital marketing, web design, and public relations. Thanks to its breadth and depth of expertise, she explains, Red Sage is the perfect agency partner for companies looking to expand through goal-driven marketing executed by a trusted team of experts.

“We have specialized account executives who build strong relationships with clients while serving as extensions of the client’s leadership team,” she says, noting that good marketing requires deep understanding of a company’s goals, industry, and competitive landscape..

What are your thoughts on the range of social media platforms?

Linkedin is the best tool for most B2B companies, she says, due to its advanced ability to target prospects and potential employees. Other suitable platforms for growing your business and supporting recruitment efforts are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, depending on the audience a business is targeting. Tiktok is being utilized by B2B companies in recruiting efforts to reach the youngest members of the workforce and recent high school graduates.

What’s next for Red Sage?

Red Sage is on a trajectory of continued growth and investment in its team, Didier notes. It’s also focusing on incorporating the most up-to-the-minute tools into its offerings as it grows its team, continuing to develop new business while serving existing clients and helping them grow, too.

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