Lusha Becomes the First B2B Sales Intelligence Platform to Receive ISO 27701 Certification

Lusha Sales Intelligence Platform Receives Highest Third-Party Recognization of its Data Privacy, Setting New Industry Standards of Data Privacy and Compliance for B2B Data Enrichment, Verification, and Prospecting

Lusha, the crowdsourced data community for B2B sales and marketing professionals, announced today it has received ISO 27701 Certification, the highest third-party certification to date for managing and processing personal identifiable information (PII) holders. Lusha’s ISO 27701 Certification will be granted on Jan 28, Data Privacy Day, and represents a significant milestone as the company leads the way in industry standards.

Lusha is a sales intelligence platform providing sales professionals and teams easy access to enterprise-grade solutions, helping them to identify their ideal target buyer and gain data-driven insights on who to approach as a potential customer, when, and why. With the introduction of GDPR and the CCPA act of 2018, the sales intelligence industry had to create new standards for collecting, processing, and transferring its data. Today, while most B2B sales intelligence vendors define themselves as GDPR compliant, this is a self-declared status.

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“As the first B2B sales intelligence platform to receive ISO 27701 certification, we are proud to set new industry standards of data privacy and compliance,” said Assaf Eisentein, Co-Founder and President of Lusha. “As the industry matures, I highly encourage all customers looking to invest in a B2B sales intelligence platform to challenge their vendors with questions about privacy and compliance. We at Lusha are committed to setting the highest standards in the industry which we consider key to our competitive differentiation,” said Eisenstein.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created the ISO 27701 certification in 2019 to provide a framework for PII holders such as organizations, public and private companies, government entities, and non-profit organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and improve a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) including compliance with GDPR and other data protection and privacy laws. Any company that would like to receive ISO 27701 certification can apply to a private certification body with a CASCO standard. To receive the ISO 27701 certification and third-party validation of GDPR alignment status, Lusha underwent an intensive certification process by The Standards Institution of Israel, which included third-party auditing of Lusha’s data collection, B2B Data enrichment, verification, and prospecting services.

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