Maris-Tech Receives Purchase Order to Supply Advanced Video Recording and Interrogation System Technology to a Leading Defense Organization

The new video technology solution is in late-stage collaborative development with Goldtec, a global leader in military digital video recording technologies

Maris-Tech Ltd., a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, announced it received a purchase order from Goldtec Technologies Ltd. (“Goldtec”), a global leader in military-grade digital video recording solutions, to supply an advanced video recording and interrogation system technology to a leading defense Organization in the amount of approximately $68,000.

“We believe this purchase order, which was received before the completion of product development, demonstrates the high demand for this new and innovative solution based on our Neptune Pro product and Goldtec’s military digital video recording technologies,” said Israel Bar, CEO of Maris-Tech. “This is the first of what we believe will be many orders as we seek to scale the rollout of this technology.”

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Maris-Tech is collaborating with military digital video recorders (“Military DVRs”), a business division of Goldtec to jointly develop the new state-of-the-art video technology, which is being designed for defense and security applications.

The new product will be based on Maris-Tech’s Neptune Pro, an intelligent video surveillance solution, provides robust, reliable communication with high-quality video and audio capture, encoding, decoding, transcoding and display, forward error correction, raw data pre-processing, and low latency streaming over Ethernet. Neptune Pro platforms processing capabilities support a wide range of analytics features. Goldtec’s Military DVRs, leverage the power of a full-function high-end digital video recorder with a compact profile and high-quality display.

The joint product will be marketed to defense and surveillance applications that seek to use advanced video display and digital recording systems in low latency.

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