Springboard Launches 12-Week Tech Sales Bootcamp to Train Students for High-Pay Sales Roles

Leading EdTech Platform Launches First-of-its-Kind Program to Offer Pathway for Non-Tech Workers into Tech Careers

Springboard, an online learning platform preparing students for in-demand careers through comprehensive, human-guided programs, has announced that enrollments are now open for its new Tech Sales Bootcamp, the first-of-its-kind from a high-profile learning platform and a new pathway for non-tech workers to enter high-pay, high-demand tech careers.

“We help sales professionals master the skills needed to make an impact for their customers”

Tech sales is a rapidly growing industry that offers high-paying, exciting careers, often with high-growth enterprise SaaS companies, that call for communication skills, strong sales fundamentals and processes, and hands-on experience with modern sales and research tools. The market value of just the top 10 SaaS companies rose to $1.23 trillion in 2021. The average tech sales starting salary with less than 1 year of experience exceeds $71,000, while the average total compensation for Tech Sales Director roles is over $242,000.

“We’ve trained over 10,000 students to enter competitive tech careers with an emphasis on experiential learning and best-in-class career services, and we’re excited to offer a new route for non-technical workers to join the tech industry,” said Kelvin Tse, General Manager at Springboard. “To design the course, we listened closely to tech companies that are looking to build their sales teams—we’re in a great position to match graduates with companies that are ready to hire students right out of the program.”

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Through its Tech Sales Bootcamp, Springboard aims to prepare students with soft and technical skills necessary to thrive in the industry. In the 12-week course, students will learn from an online curriculum that includes videos, articles, quizzes, and live learning sessions, all created and curated by leading industry experts. Through a mixture of experiential and assessment-based learning, students will learn to build and maintain sales pipelines using CRM programs like Salesforce, practice and receive feedback from sales experts and classmates, and develop fluency in language and concepts used in B2B tech sales.

The bootcamp will prepare students for entry-level sales jobs including Sales Development Representative and Business Development Representative. The Tech Sales Bootcamp curriculum was exclusively developed in partnership with Winning by Design, a well-established sales training organization that has trained teams at some of the tech industry’s leading companies including Adobe, Asana, DocuSign, and Uber Eats.

“We help sales professionals master the skills needed to make an impact for their customers,” said Dan Smith, Chief Learning Officer at Winning by Design. “In partnership with Springboard, we’re training those who are launching a career in tech sales with the skills they need to be successful on day one of their new roles. By completing our course, students will be empowered to continuously build and grow their skill sets.”

With a deep focus on preparing students for a career, all students receive support from a personal career coach and the Springboard career services team. To date, Springboard graduates have been hired by more than 2,000 companies, including over 50% of the Fortune 100. The Tech Sales Bootcamp is Springboard’s first new program offering since its high-growth Cybersecurity program launch in January 2021.

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