InMoment Further Extends AI-Powered Technologies to Advance Experience Improvement

– Announces InMoment AI™ to advance its mission to improve experiences in the moments that matter

– Brings deep vertical expertise to advanced machine learning to add a new layer of artificial intelligence to the XI Platform, in the cloud or on premise

– Enables organizations to augment the delivery of experiences through both human and machine expertise to increase retention and market share

InMoment®, the leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI)™ solutions, announced InMoment AI, a new layer of intelligence in the XI Platform to enable brands to grow through a better understanding of teams, current customers, and future customers alike.

“InMoment AI is the key to understanding omnichannel experience journeys and solving the issue of a siloed and fragmented view of the customer, employee, and market.”

Recent research has shown that improving experiences is top of the CEO priority list, but the emotive nature of experiences has meant that scaling these initiatives has proven difficult for even the most customer-centric brands. To be successful, brands need to find a dynamic balance between human and artificial intelligence to help organizations scale and automate how they identify, understand, and act on the highest impact experiences.

“The further investment in InMoment AI means we can now offer our clients the unique capability to identify transformative insights from previously inaccessible data to make unprecedented impact,” said Andrew Joiner, CEO of InMoment “Whether it’s using conversational surveys to solicit richer feedback, using machine learning and natural language processing on new unstructured datasets to surface growth opportunities, or using AI algorithms to predict and preemptively act on emotion or intention—InMoment AI has a solution to help brands improve experiences at every step in the customer journey.”

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The recent acquisition of Lexalytics, the leader and pioneer in structured and unstructured data analytics, brings two decades of expertise in NLP and machine learning to InMoment’s XI Platform, and the combination captured through InMoment AI accelerates companies’ ability to get to high-impact, informed actions quickly.

InMoment AI enables organizations to benefit from:

  • Smarter Data – Industry-intelligent data management and analytics for a complete view of the customer and employee journey
  • Intelligent Conversations – Understand the sentiment and intent behind feedback with humans stepping in as needed for experience intervention
  • Behavior Prediction – Predict outcomes and experience scores based on business metrics and unstructured data
  • Automated Action – Automate and recommend the next-best-action for customer segments based on past experiences and current data

“As the world moves beyond structured surveys, superior machine learning and NLP/NLU are key to unlocking the insights available in all of a company’s data, both structured and unstructured,” said Mehul Nagrani, General Manager, AI Product & Technology at InMoment. “InMoment AI is the key to understanding omnichannel experience journeys and solving the issue of a siloed and fragmented view of the customer, employee, and market.”

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