True Citrus Becomes First Brand to Surpass $2 Million in Sales Booked on Grovara’s B2B Global Wholesale Marketplace

Grovara, the easy global wholesale experience, announces that True Citrus has become the first brand to surpass $2 million in sales booked on Grovara’s B2B online marketplace since the platform launched in October 2020.

“It made perfect sense to find a trusted international partner with experience in what is a much more complex sale than what we were traditionally handling”

True Citrus, a category leader thanks to its array of True Lemon and True Lime drink mixes made from simple, Non-GMO ingredients and real citrus and citrus-forward, salt-free seasoning blends, grew total revenues by double digits in 2021. The company grew its international sales over 100% during that same period, using Grovara’s first-of-its-kind, proprietary wholesale marketplace along with growth Grovara facilitated in Panama and Peru.

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“Grovara’s ability to find the right buyers has made all the difference for True Citrus’ international sales,” says Grovara Vice President for Brand Management & Operations Kerri McLaughlin, who previously served as Vice President of Sales Operations at True Citrus, where she saw first-hand the impact of Grovara’s team from the beginning of the relationship. “The last few years have been amazing, but we’re really just getting started and look forward to positioning True Citrus for success in more overseas markets.”

Before working with Grovara, True Citrus saw only sporadic global sales. Exporting represented a big opportunity, but international orders come with highly specialized and time-consuming workflows, with each country requiring specialized documents, sales strategies, and market-specific label requirements. True Citrus interviewed multiple international partners and chose Grovara because of its end-to-end, frictionless technology and vetted international network.

“It made perfect sense to find a trusted international partner with experience in what is a much more complex sale than what we were traditionally handling,” says True Citrus CEO Robert Cuddihy. “We know Grovara’s expertise in overseas business ensures that we are dealing with legitimate customers, markets, and scalable business to ensure a strong ROI on our brand’s bandwidth.”

Despite the pandemic, True Citrus opened five new overseas markets in the last year on the Grovara marketplace, including Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. The company’s powdered soft drink products are particularly popular in warmer climates, while the True Citrus unsweetened offerings have achieved widespread popularity, especially in Asia.

True Citrus is an ideal brand for international distribution. The products are light, making it easy and cost-efficient to transport. They also have a two-year shelf life and are priced competitively for the international market.

“Grovara acts as a seamless international extension to our sales team,” says Cuddihy. “We’ve seen our global business grow from sporadic occasional orders to monthly container loads. Best of all, they make our lives easier. They’re so easy to work with and they are great champions of our brand. We couldn’t ask for an easier process.”

Grovara currently offers 48 True Citrus products, all made from simple, clean ingredients and real citrus, on its online marketplace. In addition to its low-sugar, low-calorie drink mix line and salt-free seasonings, True Citrus also makes a variety of unsweetened citrus wedge replacements, unsweetened juice mixes for foodservice applications and has a line of products for industrial ingredient applications, most under the brand names of True Lemon and True Lime. The company also boasts lines of popular salt-free seasoning shakers and unsweetened juice mixes.

Grovara’s platform automates and streamlines the many manual, fragmented, and complex steps of exporting into just seven clicks to complete a transaction. Grovara’s data insights enable easy brand and product discovery in a single platform that provides a Direct Messenger Hub for exporting communications, automated Export and Operations Document Management, supply chain management, and a robust dashboard for complete visibility into fulfillment and sales performance.

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