Vejii’s B2B Platform Sees a 25% Uptake of Automatic Re-Order Functionality in January, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vejii Holdings is an online distributor for plant-based foods, servicing restaurants and independent grocers, and saw nearly 25% of its January repeat customers use the platform’s new automatic reorder functionality

Vejii Holdings Ltd. , a North American online marketplace for plant-based and sustainable products, announced that through its wholly-owned subsidiary VEDGEco USA Inc., the Company launched its improved subscription-based buying functionality for restaurants and independent grocers across North America.

“VEDGEco’s platform makes it possible for the restaurants and grocers we serve to enable automatic re-ordering and ensure that they have the products they want and need on time for their customers. On-time delivery is particularly important for restaurants, which often have a set menu that requires consistent ingredients,” said Trevor Hitch, CEO of VEDGEco. “This functionality not only offers additional savings and peace of mind to our customers, but also allows us to better forecast demand and optimize our operations.”

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With the acquisition of VEDGEco, the percentage of orders using this automatic reordering functionality on the platform is continually increasing. In January alone, Vejii reports that approximately 25% of its repeat B2B orders were placed using this subscription service for purchasing.

“There is clear demand from our B2B clients, as they are not only seeking access to a wide range of exceptional plant-based products, but also that they are leveraging tools like our new auto-reorder functionality to ensure that they can count on consistent, quality service every time,” said Kory Zelickson, CEO of Vejii.

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