Wishpond Announces Partnership with Fiverr Certified to Launch a Freelance Marketplace for Propel IQ

Wishpond Technologies Ltd., a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, is pleased to announce a partnership with Fiverr International Ltd. (“Fiverr”), the company who is changing how the world works together, to be part of its Fiverr Certified program and create a unique and certified freelance marketplace for the Propel IQ platform.

Wishpond’s partnership with Fiverr leverages ‘Fiverr Certified’ recently launched as part of Fiverr Business Solutions, where Fiverr will build a unique freelance marketplace for its tech partners. The Fiverr Certified team will selectively scout skilled professionals and agencies, both internally and from Wishpond’s existing partner network. Through meticulous vetting and verification processes, these professionals will then be certified under Wishpond’s customized certification program, ensuring a premium level of service delivery. Fiverr will then onboard qualified professionals onto the co-branded marketplace, primed to provide exceptional services to Wishpond’s small and medium-sized business “SMB” customers. Wishpond plans to leverage this marketplace to better service its SMB customers and broaden its market presence in regions where the Company does not service users.

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“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Fiverr to create a marketplace where our customers can access expert services and solutions from vetted, certified professionals,” said Ali Tajskandar, Chairman and CEO of Wishpond. “We believe that partnering with Fiverr Certified unlocks a new client segment for us which we haven’t been able to reach before and we’re excited to be able to offer new solutions to ensure our customers get the most out of our platform.”

Furthermore, the partnership with Fiverr Certified is expected to bring forth a number of additional benefits for Wishpond. Launching the certified marketplace will eliminate bottlenecks and allow Wishpond to rapidly capitalize on new revenue opportunities. The partnership will also provide access to valuable data insights into customers’ needs, enabling Wishpond to refine its offerings and better cater to its customers. Finally, having an expert marketplace built, managed, and operated by Fiverr will promote Wishpond’s platform to millions of new potential customers with a proven need for digital solutions.

Gal Avidan, General Manager, Fiverr Certified, commented, “We are excited to provide a seamless and comprehensive experience for Wishpond’s customers. Many SMB’s don’t have qualified staff to install, customize and maintain the SaaS products they license; now customers can be matched instantaneously with easily accessible and available certified professionals by our partners to get results they can trust.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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