AwareX Transforms Digital Customer Engagement

AwareX, the leading digital customer experience provider for the telecom industry, announced that the AwareX Digital Customer Engagement Suite was awarded the esteemed TM Forum Customer Experience Management (CEM) Conformance Certification for business-critical customer engagement. AwareX’s dynamic digital communications suite is first-of-its-kind and includes nine carrier-grade, cloud-native solutions to help service providers engage with and influence their customers in both human and scalable ways.

The AwareX solution not only improves customer engagement, but boosts NPS, reduces churn and improves revenue. Additionally, the suite works with multiple backend systems, matching data with multiple communications-centric customer journeys and proactively tailoring the experience with the right digital interactions, at the right time and often addressing issues before the end user even knows they exist.

“Delivering enhanced customer experience is the most important driver of digital transformation in our industry and AwareX exceeded our expectations on every level,” said Andy Tiller, EVP for Products and Services at TM Forum. “TM Forum is delighted to certify a high-quality implementation in AwareX’s Digital Customer Engagement Suite – a truly superior, comprehensive offering we have not seen before.”

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The CEM Certification and AwareX‘s receipt of the highest conformance rating for its customer engagement journeys brought together, for the first time, the TM Forum CEM Maturity Model Experience dimension with the TM Forum’s Open APIs, Business Process Framework, and Open Digital Architecture frameworks and assets. This provides a shared language and focus to the service provider enabling them to accelerate a transformative customer engagement business outcome.

“The best businesses recognize that customer intent evolves throughout the customer lifecycle, the product lifecycle and in particular, with the persona of the end-user,” said Michael Matthews, Founder and CEO of AwareX. “Our approach helps Service Providers to engage through relevant digital journeys, which address any customer situation, through any of their preferred digital touchpoints, in the manner preferred by any of the spectrum of likely customer personas. We have championed the work of the TM Forum for over 20 years and are pleased that our adoption of the core frameworks and assets enabled us to build products which are making a difference in the lives of the end-users worldwide. We thank the Forum and look forward to a successful show in the coming weeks.”

AwareX will be participating in TM Forum’s Digital Transformation (DTW) Asia event, exhibiting at Booth #19. DTW Asia takes place March 14-16, 2023 at the Centara Grand at CentralWorld in Bangkok and is focused on the opportunities for telecommunications growth in Asia including scalability, agility, innovation, co-creation, and flexibility. Please click on the following link to schedule a meeting or interview with the AwareX team.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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