Balto and NobelBiz Partnership Aims to Improve the Contact Center Ecosystem

Balto, the #1 real-time guidance platform for contact centers, has partnered with NobelBiz, a leading innovator in contact center solutions, to offer its sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) tools as part of the NobelBiz contact center technology solutions suite. By integrating Balto’s AI-powered guidance for agents, NobelBiz takes a step further in perfecting one of the best contact center solutions on the market, while Balto expands its fast-growing integration footprint.

“NobelBiz and Balto both have a joint passion — enabling the modern sales or customer service worker to be as effective as humanly possible,” says Marc Bernstein, founder and CEO of Balto. “NobelBiz offers robust voice carrier services and cloud contact center software, and by giving our customers the power to scale excellent conversations to their entire organization, Balto’s real-time guidance is the perfect complement. By coming together, we have a complete system that brings peace of mind to contact center managers.”

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NobelBiz provides the reliable platform and technology needed to ensure call centers run at peak performance. Balto’s AI real-time guidance solutions further enhance the NobelBiz OMNI+ platform. With the strategic partnership, contact centers are now able to optimize conversations with their customers, ensuring a working environment where agents are more efficient, make fewer mistakes, and convert more.

“Now with Balto, we offer our customers sophisticated, real-time guidance, coaching, and QA at their fingertips,” said Steve Bederman, President of NobelBiz Inc. “This empowers our customers, across all markets, to improve essential business KPIs, such as agent ramp time and retention, CSAT, and NPS.”

The result is a call center that runs smoothly, increases average sales, maintains compliance, and allows managers to rest easy knowing they have real-time access to the performance of their call center.

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