5 Productivity Tools That Benefit Project Managers in Organizations

Throughout their careers, Project Managers come across instances where their team’s productivity suddenly has left them stumped. And then there are also hassles of accounting for the work done, managing workflows, team schedules and much more.

So team leaders and project managers across the globe have shifted to leveraging productivity tools to manage and increase the productivity of their teams. Let’s have a look at what exactly these tools achieve and how project managers benefit from them.

Simplified Workflow and Reporting

Productivity tools allow managers  to pin all their tasks in a simple format and track their progress. Moreover, the task page acts as a constant reminder and prevents us from getting sidetracked. It also allows for strategizing and planning tasks ahead of time to ensure higher productivity.

Such all-in-one tools allow project managers to understand and analyze productivity while also getting output figures. This also allows for tracking the workflow and analyzing which specific tasks need attention.

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Time Management and Accountability

Several features allow for the inclusion of comments to tasks, organization of dashboards, assignment of tasks, as well as approvals and proofing. GanttPRO and actiTIME are two tools that can help you estimate task times and keep track of project costs. One can also add comments and attachments to any project work, as well as receive real-time notifications about any changes.

Every activity is made easier with these workplace productivity solutions, from managing project teams to estimating costs and budgeting resources.

Data Security and Tracking 

When a team or project manager is working on several projects, mistakes  happen, and some files may go lost with no way to recover them. To avoid such blunders, project management software includes features such as file storage, versioning, and editing, all of which can save you from critical mistakes.

It also streamlines the auditing process, allowing project managers to conduct and/or repeat key tasks including project cost estimation and justifying requests for more funding, members, and extensions.

Quality monitoring 

For every company to achieve long-term success, it is vital to keep track of work progress. Tracking project stages and determining whether or not projects will be completed on schedule requires specialized tools. Daily timesheets are used to do this, and they are directly entered into the reporting system. Project management software solutions can assist firms in making the best decisions because all of the information is in one location. As a result, the method is more precise and better.

Remote working and communication

In today’s technologically advanced environment, working professionals require a project management tool that they can use on the go. Team members must cooperate and share information and files even when they are traveling or on the go.

Modern organizations have a variety of options for communicating with clients and coworkers, ranging from audio conferencing to video chat. Bringing all of your multimedia communication tools together and experiencing the benefits of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) has become the norm.

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