AUDIENCEX and Boxed Water™ Promote Sustainability in Digital Advertising

AUDIENCEX, the AI-enabled digital advertising partner built to optimize real-time campaign performance for brands and agencies, is proud to announce their ongoing collaboration with client Boxed Water™ on actively working towards greater sustainability in digital marketing. It has been estimated that the digital advertising industry creates up to 3.5% of global greenhouse gases every year, driving an urgent need to reduce this impact wherever possible – a need which has been embraced by these two purpose-driven companies. The collaboration serves up compelling creative assets highlighting the sustainable benefits of Boxed Water™ to a naturally receptive audience, avoiding energy and emissions that can be incurred with the mass data transfer of ads.

Boxed Water is a rapidly growing business centered around industry-leading sustainability, offering purified water in recyclable, refillable, BPA-free packaging that is 92% plant-based (the most renewable package in the water aisle). Boxed Water™ cartons promote sustainability from the source, using water that is closer to consumer destinations, as well as packaging and shipping designed to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. The top selling 500 ml cartons are certified CarbonNeutral by Climate Impact Partners.

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AUDIENCEX provides full-service digital advertising solutions, with omnichannel media access, holistic strategy and advanced data science to drive results for clients. Centered around purpose as a driving force, the company leverages best-in-class technology to power advanced campaigns that deliver on performance while prioritizing principles with innovative solutions including AXVS, their sustainability-focused adaptive video streaming solution, and AXi, an AI-enabled suite of predictive analytics and data science tools built to put privacy first.

Throughout Boxed Water campaigns developed by AUDIENCEX’s creative team, from always-on brand creative to campaigns featuring the brand’s newest products – Jurassic World-inspired cartons, informative messaging educates the consumer about sustainability issues while contextualizing the brand’s products and how they reduce the carbon footprint. In interactive, high impact creative formats, this messaging actively engages the consumer, ensuring that not only do they retain the product information but the purpose behind it.

With AXVS, brand video creative centers sustainability beyond the messaging itself, measurably decreasing the carbon impact of serving the ads themselves. This adaptive streaming technology decreases data waste in serving video content within ad units, ensuring both a faster, more efficient ad is served to the user, and that the carbon impact of the data transfer itself is significantly reduced.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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