Forbes Names Demio “Best Webinar Tool for Marketers”

Banzai International, Inc, a leading marketing technology company that provides essential marketing and sales solutions, is pleased to share that Forbes has recognized the company’s webinar software Demio as the best webinar tool for marketers.

The product, which is also listed as one of the top 20 easiest-to-use webinar platforms on G2, received four out of five stars. It offers an incredible number of tools for businesses leveraging webinars for marketing, featuring seamless app integrations, customizable domains, event and engagement analytics, customized branding, registration embedding, source tracking and more.

With its intuitive interface, Demio empowers marketers to effortlessly create and host impactful webinars that captivate and resonate with target audiences. Demio facilitates the delivery of interactive virtual events designed to educate, engage and convert. Companies leverage Demio to generate more leads, drive participation among their target audience, reveal those with high intent to buy, and ultimately boost sales through strengthened connections via online experiences.

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Demio’s ability to identify attendee focus rates sets it apart from other platforms. As a browser-based platform, Demio can easily reveal which attendees are most engaged in a session and can help marketers create webinar programming that continually improves over time. While live webinars provide immediacy and the benefit of real-time content, participants often multitask when they tune in during work hours. Distraction runs high, explaining why focus rates are lower in live webinars versus on-demand webinars (74.2 vs. 86.3%).

Banzai’s data shows a measurable increase in attention and focus when webinars feature polls — an 88.3% focus rate with polls in on-demand webinars (versus 80% with no polls) and a 76% focus rate with live webinars (versus 71.3% with no polls). Last year, Banzai customers used Demio to host more than 800,000 webinars — over 20% more than in 2022.

“Audience engagement is critical for deriving actionable insights from a webinar,” said Joe Davy, CEO and chairman of Banzai. “Our newest feature, Demio AI, is revolutionizing the customer experience by enabling round-the-clock engagement. By leveraging AI to engage audiences anytime, anywhere, Demio transforms passive webinars into active conversations that drive results.”

Having analyzed data from over 800,000 webinars hosted in 2023, the company is hosting a webinar — Don’t Get Left Behind: The 2024 Webinar Stats Your Competition Already Knows — on February 15. The webinar will feature insights about when and how to increase attendee focus, the benefits of on-demand webinars and other factors affecting the creation of impactful webinars.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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