Micromine reveals end-to-end digital ecosystem at Momentum 2021

Micromine has revealed a new strategy to improve product clarity, deliver end-to-end, integrated digital solutions, and better serve its clients at Momentum 2021, a virtual conference for geo-professionals and mining specialists.

Hosted by international mining software developer Micromine, Momentum 2021 was attended by thousands of mining and exploration professionals hoping for an exclusive first look at the latest mining technologies.

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Micromine CEO Andrew Birch said the refreshed direction for the business comes as the mining industry continues to evolve in the wake of COVID-19 and increases its focus on new processes and opportunities unlocked by sector-specific innovations.

“Looking back, it has been a year of further transformation for the mining industry, with many organisations looking for increased efficiency and stability by accelerating digital initiatives.

“We believe further integration of digital technology is the key to delivering the next generation of efficiencies in the sector.

“Our vision is to create an ecosystem that connects experts across the exploration and mining value chain, using both new and existing technology to deliver better outcomes for our clients’ projects, their organizations and, most importantly, for the user,” Mr Birch said.

Renewed product clarity and integration

Micromine has revealed a range of changes to improve product clarity and better serve its clients. Its eponymous hero product, Micromine, has been split into two distinct offerings: Micromine Origin, focused on the exploration sector; and Micromine Beyond, supporting clients developing and operating mines.

Micromine’s suite of products are now clearly designed to fit into integrated solution and become parts of the everyday workflow of its clients.

With Micromine Origin, exploration professionals will gain access to a first of its kind geology modelling interface, with visualization, drillhole management, analytical and modelling tools, statistical, and geostatistical functionality needed in a more advanced exploration or resource estimation project.

Micromine Beyond offers targeted but flexible tools for planning, design, and scheduling in both surface and underground mines.

“By bringing users, data and technology together, we can help mining organizations build end-to-end digital processes and enable completely new and transformative business models that use data to accelerate smart decision making, maximize business opportunities and meet the challenges of delivering a sustainable future for the global community,” Mr Birch said.

Two recently announced acquisitions in the mine scheduling space – Precision Mining, including the SPRY product, and Alastri Software – round out Micromine’s core product offerings. Both products allow Micromine Beyond clients (those developing and operating mines) to translate their designs into actionable schedules, bridging the gap between mine design tools and operational mine production systems.

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