Momentum Worldwide Forms Global Partnership with TRACE for Sustainability Goals

Agency commitment to sustainability increases with ISO certification globally

Global experiential advertising agency Momentum Worldwide has formed the first global partnership with isla—the event industry’s sustainability body, to roll out TRACE, a real-time carbon impact tool for physical and virtual experiences—as part of its increased sustainable action plan. The digital platform will help measure, reduce and report the business’ carbon footprint.

The global partnership will see Momentum Worldwide partner with isla to deploy the digital tool beyond its current application in the UK.

Every project (live, virtual and shopper) delivered by Momentum Worldwide around the globe will be tracked in TRACE. The tool has been specifically designed to capture the full scope of the environmental impact caused by events, from collecting carbon and waste data to tracking transport and material choices.

By monitoring and measuring data in TRACE, Momentum can provide each client with an Impact Report, which is an analytical review of the environmental footprint of the project, providing scope for off-setting as well as identifying areas for improvement and reduction, and setting a benchmark for future events.

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Being able to provide quantitative evidence of waste and pollution has the power to transform and influence the event landscape, supporting the global transition to net zero.

Momentum will be tracking its global Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 based on a 2019 baseline measurement. This is an ambitious target and part of a long-term sustainability strategy that will see Momentum transform not only its own business operations, but also work with vendors to bring them along on their sustainability journey.

The partnership further illustrates Momentum Worldwide’s commitment to drive sustainability practices across the experiential industry. It also marks the agency being ISO certified for both business and event industry environmental management globally by achieving ISO 14001 and 20121.

As part of Momentum Worldwide’s move to sustainability, Global Sustainability Director Selina Donald oversees “Make It Matter,” the agency’s formalized plan for climate action. This plan includes 100% of staff being trained in sustainability through a bespoke training program and a review of all third-party suppliers to ensure everyone understands the commitment required for positive action.

Chris Weil, Chairman and CEO, Momentum Worldwide, comments, “Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and we need to embrace the role we can play in minimizing the footprint we leave on society and the environment. This partnership is a huge step toward making that a reality.”

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