Readymag Simplifies Domain Purchase and Connection Process with Entri

Readymag, the design tool for creating websites, has announced a significant enhancement to its platform with their integration with Entri to support domain purchase and connections. This integration allows users to seamlessly purchase and automatically connect custom domains directly within the Readymag user interface.

Readymag boasts a diverse user base, including large-scale enterprises, mid-level businesses, advertising and design agencies, as well as solo designers. With over three million websites created using Readymag across more than 95 countries, the platform is trusted by industry leaders such as Amazon, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Complex Media, and Atlas Obscura.

Recognizing the varying levels of technical expertise among its users, Readymag wanted a way to simplify the user experience around custom domains in their product, while also incentivizing free trial upgrades for their users.

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Using Entri, Readymag was able to launch:

  • An in-app domain purchasing experience
  • Automatic DNS configuration for domains previously purchased on another provider
  • Free domains for users who upgrade

Readymag’s Entri integration simultaneously handles the notoriously complex process of DNS configuration for custom domains, while providing a way for their users to purchase domains, right within the Readymag UI.

In addition to the convenience of purchasing and connecting domains within the Readymag interface, their paid plan subscribers will also receive one free domain (up to a $12 value). This offer, made possible through Readymag’s partnership with Entri, presents users with a valuable opportunity to acquire domains at no cost.

With the integration of the domain purchase feature, Readymag continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance the user experience and empower creatives worldwide.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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