Rebrandly Integrates with HubSpot — Enabling Marketers to Improve Omnichannel Campaign Performance with AI-Powered Branded Short Links

Rebrandly, the world’s leading secure, branded link management platform, has announced an integration with HubSpot, the customer platform for scaling businesses. Now, everyone using HubSpot can improve campaign performance and engagement with Rebrandly-branded short links and gain access to artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled link scheduling recommendations. Rebrandly’s AI makes marketers “smarter” by telling them the best times to send links to generate the highest click-through rates.

“In social campaigns — and all digital marketing communications — it’s critical that audiences trust every link and call-to-action they receive,” said Carla Bourque, Rebrandly CEO. “Generic links often behave like spam and breed distrust, resulting in them being blocked or flagged for abuse; conversely, branded links have a 39% higher click-through rate. This strategic integration with HubSpot allows marketers to take their social posts and campaigns to the next level: using Rebrandly AI to generate custom short links that people recognize, trust, and click — at the optimal time — resulting in a more positive customer experience and ultimately more conversions.”

With millions of active users, Rebrandly has generated more than 1 billion links to date for brands worldwide and across industries. Marketers, IT, and security professionals rely on Rebrandly to easily customize, track, and manage their links for greater business performance.

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Now, through the Rebrandly-HubSpot integration, anyone using HubSpot can:

  • Replace generic short links in social media posts with Rebrandly branded links. Instead of using a generic short link that’s not tied to a brand, HubSpot customers can use Rebrandly to easily generate a recognizable link that reflects their website domain and brand, like This way, their audience will be more likely to click without worrying that the link may be malicious.
  • Create and publish social posts directly through Rebrandly. All Rebrandly-enabled posts appear on the brand’s social channels, as well as within HubSpot’s social media software, so marketers can save time without having to switch from tool to tool.
  • Maintain link control and visibility. After creating their social media posts through Rebrandly, marketers maintain complete link tracking and visibility in HubSpot. In addition, they gain access to Rebrandly’s powerful link analytics, including click data and information on the user’s geography, device, browser, platform, language, time-of-clicking, and more.
  • Change destination URLs after a campaign has launched. Managing the lifespan of a digital asset can be tricky. Still, with the Rebrandly + HubSpot integration, anytime marketers need to change where their Rebrandly-generated short URLs direct to (such as after a rebrand or if an asset like a QR-code has been retired), the process is reliable, quick, and easy (no more error 404s!).
  • Import pages, posts, and files from HubSpot into Rebrandly. Marketers can automatically generate branded short URLs for website or landing pages, blog posts, or files stored in HubSpot — saving time and improving campaign performance quickly and easily.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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