Terra Dotta to Integrate Generative AI into Global Engagement Platform

Terra Dotta, a leading global engagement education technology provider, unveiled its plan to integrate generative AI into its global engagement platform. The AI feature will automate select outgoing study abroad and incoming international education marketing communications processes, streamlining administrative tasks so global engagement offices have more time for student advising and support.

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“Education abroad offices are understaffed and under-resourced, so integrating generative AI into our platform will provide options for streamlining document creation while ensuring professionals have full control over the final output,” said Anthony Rotoli, Terra Dotta CEO.

“Education abroad offices are understaffed and under-resourced yet are fielding more student applications for study abroad and international programs than pre-pandemic. The growth is phenomenal but international education pros need more support and AI has shown to be a valuable way to address resource challenges,” said Anthony Rotoli, CEO of Terra Dotta. “Integrating generative AI into our platform will provide menu-driven options for re-creating program documents and ensuring professionals have full control over the final output.”

With AI-enabled tools, Terra Dotta’s global engagement platform will extend institutions’ international education editorial capabilities, helping staff automate the initial development of program communications, eliminating repeatable tasks. This includes:

  • Creating detailed email, brochure and text message templates
  • Personalizing the communication topic and tone based on the distribution audience
  • Preparing first draft communications in minutes versus hours


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