Usercentrics partners with Wix to launch the first permissions solution on the Wix App Market

Usercentrics, a leader in data privacy solutions managing more than 5.2 billion consents across platforms every month, has partnered with Wix, Ltd, the leading platform for SaaS website builders to create, manage and grow a global, digital presence, announced the launch of Cookiebot™ for Wix by Usercentrics .

Cookiebot™ for Wix by Usercentrics is a plug-and-play solution that simplifies the implementation of consent management for website owners, and allows them to ensure privacy compliance with regulations such as the GDPR.

Asaf Remler, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Wix, comments: “We are excited to work with Usercentrics to offer users an easy-to-deploy solution that improves compliance and empowers website owners. Together, we’re setting a new standard for how Wix users handle user consent. This takes us a step further to build on our strategy to expand product offerings with leading technology partners.”

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What can Wix users and agencies expect from Cookiebot™ for Wix by Usercentrics

Key app features of Cookiebot™ for Wix by Usercentrics :

  1. Streamlined setup with just a few simple steps, then one-click banner activation
  2. Customizable user experience with design flexibility so the consent banner matches the look and feel of the Wix website, with support for over 47 languages
  3. Informed decision-making is supported by automated scan reports, so website owners know when they need permission and for which trackers and components
  4. Automatic categorization of Wix and third-party apps directly in the website permission banner
  5. A competitive edge in a privacy-conscious market, positioning Wix customers as privacy-first leaders

Advancing Global Privacy Compliance at Scale

More than 2 million websites and apps already use Usercentrics solutions to provide transparent user experience and manage consent.

Felipe Iregui, Global Director of Platform Partnerships at Usercentrics, commented: “Our partnership with Wix sets data privacy and consent management as new standards for businesses and their users. Wix users can now enjoy a reliable, easy-to-deploy solution to manage user consent.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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