Wix Launches AI Portfolio Creator

Wix.com Ltd, the leading SaaS website builder platform to create, manage, and grow a global digital presence,announced the launch of the AI Portfolio Creator, enhancing how users create and showcase an online professional portfolio. This one-of-a-kind solution uses in-house AI image clustering technology and the latest AI models to enable users to quickly, easily, and professionally display media online by inputting only a few words.

The AI Portfolio Creator streamlines the portfolio creation journey, empowering users to effortlessly upload extensive image collections and swiftly organize them with just a few clicks. Users select the type of portfolio they would like to create and upload the desired work to showcase. Once selections are made and images are uploaded, within a few moments, the AI Creator goes to work organizing and generating project options with clustered images, suggested titles and descriptions, and shows customizable layout options.

“This is a completely new experience for portfolio creation. The AI Portfolio Creator takes away the heavy lifting in portfolio creation from the users and provides a smooth, intuitive portfolio-building experience that generates unique and professional options within only a few moments,” said Hani Safe, Head of Wix Portfolio. “Now, our users can focus more on what their portfolio can do for them, such as showcasing their work, expanding their audience reach, opening new income streams, managing their network, offering online services, and more.”

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The AI Portfolio Creator adds to Wix’s portfolio builder platform that goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a dynamic platform with robust business solutions that can help promote business, showcase unique capabilities, and engage visitors.

Wix is the leading SaaS website builder platform to create, manage, and grow a global, digital presence1. What began as a website builder in 2006 is now a complete platform providing self-creators, agencies, and enterprises, with distinguished performance, security, and a reliable infrastructure. With a focus on continuous innovation, a wide range of commerce and business solutions, advanced SEO, marketing tools, and industry-leading AI technologies, Wix users have full ownership of their brand and unmatched creative freedom. Complimenting the Wix platform for self-creators, Wix Studio is an advanced creation and management platform for agencies and freelancers.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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