5 Best and Most Important Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Email marketing for small businesses is just as important as it is for medium or large enterprises. Small businesses usually have a smaller budget and a smaller marketing team or many a times there are no marketing teams at all. In these circumstances, email marketing is undoubtedly an easy and affordable option to sell to the existing audience.

If yours is a small business you should be sending more emails because customers targeted through emails spend higher than those you don’t receive any email. The good news is small businessowners or anyone for that matter need not be a marketing professional to increase their sales via emails.

Here are the top 5 important email marketing tips for your small business to grow.

Segregate your Audience in Groups

It helps when you send relevant content to your audience by creating groups. These groups can be formed based on their common interests. This grouping is called email segmentation and it is the best way to personalize your audience’s individual experience.

With email segmentation you can send targeted emails to that section of your audience who are more likely and willing to interact with your content or offers. Email segmentation works like personalization, it shows you value your subscriber’s time. Your audience can be easily segregated in groups if you consider the subscriber’s location, past purchases, interests, behavior/site navigation etc.

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Prioritize Quality over Quantity

Its 2022, and today the quality of your email content is the driving force behind its deliverability and engagement. People today are easily bored and annoyed by constant promotional messages and emails. Avoid focusing on the number of emails sent and focus on the quality of content in your emails.

Focus passionately on the writing skills and write what your subscribers are actually willing to read. But how do you know what your subscribers are willing to read? The best way to ensure your email content is as per their expectations is by asking them. When they sign up to your email list, ask your audience about what kind of content they’d like to receive. Value-adding content is a must for every email marketing campaign.

Frequency of Emails

The frequency of sending emails is also a must-consider thing before starting your marketing campaign. Some brands only show up in your inbox on certain occasions such as Black Friday, Christmas season etc, avoid doing this. Do not show up once in a while in your subscriber’s inbox.

Showing up once in a blue moon can make your subscribers ignore your emails. This can also drive away your loyal customers as they won’t keep up with an inconsistent email frequency.

Always have a full communication funnel email strategy. Simply put, this means that let your emails show up in your subscriber’s inbox consistently. This also means you should know when to stop, spamming their inbox is also not a great idea. Remember prioritizing quality over quantity? Yes, follow the same with a balanced and consistent number of emails. Not to less, not too much.

Focus on Emails that are Mobile-Friendly

A large percentage of the world’s population reads emails on their phones. So, focus on having a mobile-responsive email design. Your subscribers having difficulties reading your emails can be the worst nightmare. There are numerous tools that you can use to make responsive emails.

We are already in 2022, and in this digital age there isn’t another way around for this. It is a given that your email design should be responsive to all screens, be it desktop, tablet, and definitely to a mobile.

Let Them Easily Subscribe and Unsubscribe

If you want your audience to subscribe to your regular email newsletter avoid the following mistakes:

  • Do not have a broken subscribe link check if your audience can easily access your subscribe link
  • Avoid asking people to fill in too much of information before signing up. Your audience is looking for a quick and easy signup, give them that.

Taking care of your audience’s convenience is the most important thing for a email marketing campaign to be a success. Apart from a smooth subscribing experience your audience will also appreciate a smooth exit procedure. Yes, your subscribers can be frustrated and may never turn into potential buyers if they do not have an easy unsubscribing option. Make your unsubscribe button easily accessible in the footer.

These were the best and most important email marketing tips for small businesses. Keep your emails short and sweet, stick to a audience that is interested and invest in user-friendly designs is all it takes to achieve great email marketing results.

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