Catch+Release Unveils Enhanced Workspace that Empowers Content Creators to Attract Licensing Opportunities From Brands

Catch+Release, the leading content licensing marketplace, announces the launch of its newly enhanced Creator Workspace to streamline the supply-side workflow. The revamped creator dashboard and profile capabilities are designed to revolutionize the licensing experience for creators. Now, every content creator takes full control of which content they want to upload, via bulk-file upload, in addition to updating their profile, tracking license offers, and setting up payment thresholds and preferences.

The Brand-Creator Marketplace Relationship

When brands need to access content from creators today, the burden often falls heavily on the individual creator. Most rights management content platforms require that you go through many steps to upload assets, collect model releases, and add metadata for search and access. Creators who submit for content sponsorship face additional pressure to meet brand expectations while lacking the bargaining power of larger entities, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. Despite the potential for lucrative collaborations, creators often find themselves jumping through time-consuming hoops with little to no compensation at the end.

Catch+Release Makes it Smooth and Easy for Creators to be Discovered and to Be Fairly Compensated for Their Work

With Catch+Release, creators are no longer burdened with all the manual work upfront. For example, creators do not need to collect model releases. Catch+Release takes on that responsibility. Also, creators are not required to attach metadata and hashtags to their assets in an effort to get noticed by brands. The Catch+Release AI-powered engine automatically analyzes content in the marketplace for styles, themes, and subjects so that it can populate the best results based on the specific search. Finally, and most importantly, creators receive fair compensation when licensing through Catch+Release and have the ability to set their own pricing thresholds.

As a company founded and operated by creative people, setting fair market rates is a priority, and in fact a company purpose. Catch+Release has been in operation for close to a decade, and therefore has the most updated data on creator market rates that fit marketing budgets whether directly through the brand or via an agency.

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Key Features of the Enhanced Creator Workspace

Catch+Release’s upgraded Creator Workspace allows creators to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time optimizing their profiles, giving them full control to impact the likelihood of getting licensed as well as setting a payment price threshold. Key features include:

  • Content Management: Batch upload, curate, and control the visibility of content, ensuring that each piece aligns with the creator’s unique identity.
  • Profile Customization: Elevate attractiveness to brands by customizing profiles with unique descriptions to showcase individual personality and expertise.
  • Licensing Offer Tracking: Stay organized and informed with real-time updates on license offers as well as all past and current, active licenses.
  • Customized Licensing Preferences: Accelerate the licensing process and enhance appeal to brands by pre-selecting pricing and payment preferences.

“The center of our content licensing marketplace is creators and all their amazing, rich assets. Our goal is to eliminate the burden and lift to getting content uploaded and seen by brands,” said Lauren Kostka, Senior Product Manager at Catch+Release. “We believe that by putting the power in the hands of creators, they will be encouraged to share more content and make money doing what they love. Our platform simplifies the licensing process and offers creators a fast, easy onboarding experience with full transparency. I want creators to feel that joining the Catch+Release marketplace is enjoyable and actually worth their time and energy.”

Source: GlobeNewsWire

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