Making it Easier for Brands and Creators to Collaborate on Instagram

From branded content to partnership ads, Instagram is one of the best places for brands and creators to collaborate, and now, we’re making it even easier to work together. In 2022, we began testing the creator marketplace in the US, a tool for  brands and creators to connect and collaborate around partnership opportunities. Since then, we’ve introduced new features and onboarded thousands of creators and brands in the US to creator marketplace.

Now, we’re expanding the creator marketplace to eight new markets. Over the next few weeks, we plan to invite creators and brands based in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, India and Brazil to join Instagram’s creator marketplace. Chinese export brands will also be invited to connect with onboarded creators in countries outside of China.

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Brands have told us it can be challenging to source creators for partnership ads. That’s why we’re excited to begin testing our brand new, machine learning-based recommendations that use Instagram data to help brands more easily discover creators who are the best fit for their campaigns. Eligible brands can access these recommendations over the coming months on Instagram’s creator marketplace in Meta Business Suite.

Instagram’s creator marketplace can help brands easily find relevant creators for any kind of collaboration, but one of the most powerful is partnership ads. Partnership ads (formerly known as branded content ads) allow advertisers to amplify content with a creator or other partner’s handle to scale their collaborations. Partnership ads are the most performant and transparent way for advertisers and creators to run ads together and Instagram’s creator marketplace helps brands discover creators to partner with.

Here’s how it works.

Join Instagram’s Creator Marketplace

Brands join Instagram’s creator marketplace in Meta Business Suite. Creators join from their professional dashboard in the Instagram app. Creators can indicate brands and interests relevant to them. Creators can also create a portfolio to highlight what makes them unique.


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