MarTech360 Interview With Chelsea Rider, Marketing Director at Impartner

Brands that people will seek to listen to will be the ones that repeatedly speak to their customers with value and credibility.

In this enlightening conversation, Chelsea Rider, Director of Marketing at Impartner, talks to us about working at the top Partner Management firm, how she encourages her award-winning team to work, and the significance of automation in marketing. With her extensive experience spanning from computer software to brand management, Rider shares some lessons for executing effective growth marketing strategies and connecting with you customers, while telling us about her latest Amanda Montell read.

Chelsea, can you tell us about your professional background and your current role at Impartner?

I am a brand and communications strategist currently focused on elevating the world’s most loved platform for business partnership management. My award-winning team and I develop and execute global strategies that span public relations, digital marketing, events, and customer affinity. While my current and most recent roles have been in the computer software space, my background started in B2C brand management where I had the pleasure of working on nationally recognized brands within the restaurant and retail industry.

What does Impartner Software do, and how does it differentiate itself from other companies in the same space?

Impartner provides a partner management solution that enables businesses to foster strong partnerships, streamline collaboration with distributors, resellers, and other partners, and achieve faster business growth. The platform covers various aspects of partner management, including partner recruitment, onboarding, training, lead management, sales support, and demand generation. By offering a comprehensive set of tools and features, Impartner aims to ensure a positive partner experience and drive successful outcomes for businesses seeking to expand their sales channels and service offerings.

Key differentiators for the Impartner platform are found in its breadth of functionality and best-in-class integrations. With powerful connections to Salesforce, Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Impartner is ranked as the #1 Overall PRM on G2, and was just named a Leader on The Forrester Wave™: Partner Relationship Management Q3 2023. Recent innovations in the platform’s digital marketing automation ability have also set the solution apart from any other offering in the space.

In your experience, how do you foster a collaborative environment when building marketing strategies with your team?

I encourage my team to produce at the highest possible level – a level where they believe both the company and they themselves would be proud of their work. This approach facilitates a lot of collaboration across and outside of our team as we aim for greatness. We recognize that what we create as a team must be something bigger than our own line of sight and know that to get there we must work together.

According to the G2 Summer 2023 report- Impartner Ranks No.1 in Partner Management, Can you provide some insights into the specific strengths of Impartner’s partner management platform that contributed to its top-ranking position?

Impartner stands out from its competitors in the partner management space due to its:

    • Comprehensive platform
    • Industry recognition
    • Impressive customer impact
    • Commitment to tech stack modernization
    • Focus on intelligent integration and data exchange.

These key differentiators position Impartner as a leading provider of partner management solutions for businesses seeking to optimize their partner programs and drive faster business growth.

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How does Through-Channel Marketing Automation help brands maintain consistent messaging and branding across different channels and partners?

Imagine thousands of partner resellers sending emails, posting on social media and giving out case studies for your company without any guidance. The wrong logo is used repeatedly, the fonts are not approved for use, the colors are off and the messaging is not in line with your product value. This scenario is reality for many businesses that sell and or offer services through partners. While there is much appreciation for the great effort that partners and resellers will go to expand a company’s reach, there is a ton of room for error and brand damage. Use of through-channel marketing automation solutions resolve these scenarios, providing marketing material and “click to activate” campaign functionality to partners, service consultants, distributors, and resellers of all types. These solutions handle file storage, file editing, sharing, email marketing, lead generation, social media management and even paid media through centralized administrative access. They are powerful, sophisticated, and built to amplify marketing to the various audiences of your partners without any brand breakage.

What is your approach to growth marketing, and how do you ensure its effectiveness in reaching performance targets?

Knowing who you sell to, why they buy, and what influences their purchase are the main strategic drivers for growth marketing. Ultimately, it is about building influence through a brand that can speak to a target audience and activate them. Easier said than done in a world where the noise is only getting louder around us! Brands that people will seek to listen to will be the ones that repeatedly speak to their customers with value and credibility. From there, I believe success is found when with an experimentation-led approach that creates newness while elevating or building brand affinity

What advice would you give to other Marketing leaders which helped you personally?

A great marketer can market anything. But what makes a great marketer?

Marketing is constantly changing and the ways marketers can influence and engage with the buyer continue to become more and more complex at the largest view. Third-party cookies, hyper-personalization, AI… the list goes on and it will continue to grow as technology innovates around us. What doesn’t change is the customer’s wants and needs. Knowing this creates unforgettable marketing and unstoppable marketer

What is the biggest problem you or your team are solving this year?

Like nearly every marketing team today, our team is exploring the creative challenge of AI to unlock efficiencies in our content creation, campaign development, and data analysis, among other areas. We are quickly finding ways to rely on these AI resources to solve problems and are determining which are the right tools as well as where they fit into our team processes and workflows.

Is there anything that you’re currently reading, or any favorite books, that you’d recommend?

I’m currently reading and recommend Cultish, by the linguist Amanda Montell.

 Thanks, Chelsea!

Chelsea Rider is Director of Marketing at Impartner, the world’s most adopted Partner Relationship Management and Marketing Automation platform. She holds direct experience in both B2B and B2C brand management and marketing strategy. In 2022 the Association for Marketing and Communication Professionals granted Chelsea’s work a Gold MarCom award and in 2023 she was recognized as a top Marketer of the Year by Utah Business.

Impartner is the fastest-growing, most award-winning provider of channel management technologies, including its flagship Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation solutions, which help companies worldwide manage their partner relationships, drive demand through partners and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. For more information on Impartner, which is based in Utah’s tech hotbed, the Silicon Slopes,

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