Cleverman Inc. Launches “Single Stride,” an end-to-end Lead Generation Program for Service & SaaS SMBs

Cleverman Inc., a New York-based digital marketing agency, has successfully launched its innovative lead generation program, “Single Stride.”

The program’s combination of powerful marketing automation, a novel dynamic content strategy, and hyper-personalized multi-channel ads ensures that Cleverman’s clients’ calendars are fully booked with sales-qualified appointments. Single Stride enables service & SaaS companies to reach their audiences with highly targeted content and tailored user experiences that dramatically decrease customer acquisition costs.

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Furthermore, Single Stride fully integrates with a company’s existing technology stack to allow for seamless and immediate growth, making for swift and sustainable ROIs for service and SaaS SMBs looking to scale, expand their client base, and boost their revenue.

“Thousands of variables are at play when building a successful lead generation campaign, and most agencies don’t have the bandwidth to keep atop of them. We found that going from delivering good results to great results required us to manage all of these variables effortlessly, which we’ve gone to great lengths to automate. The Single Stride program is the result of a multiple-year undertaking that will provide our clients lasting results without their constant involvement,” says Adam Elbendary, Cleverman Inc. CEO.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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