DealHub Announces Its Integration With HubSpot CRM to Provide Users With a Powerful Native CPQ Solution

DealHub, the highest-rated CPQ solution, has just announced its availability to HubSpot CRM users. This marks another step in the company’s mission to empower sales leaders to deliver one fluid sales motion. By using DealHub CPQ within HubSpot CRM, organizations can improve sales productivity and performance, and reduce sales friction as they move quickly from creating quotes to closing deals.

“and we’re extremely aware of their need for agility and operational autonomy.”

“This technological step further cements our strategy to provide sellers with a seamless end-to-end sales experience, leveraging CPQ and CLM technology to boost efficiency, improve accuracy and reduce effort,” said Eyal Elbahary, CEO & Co-founder of DealHub. “DealHub is jointly leading the sales tech revolution to reimagine the buyer and seller experience, and to drive greater business outcomes.”

Thanks to DealHub CPQ’s integration with HubSpot CRM, sales teams can now generate complex price quotes from within HubSpot CRM. A dynamic sales playbook helps reps make strategic selling decisions based on a series of pre-configured questions, and based on those inputs, DealHub generates a comprehensive, accurate and professional digital sales proposal.

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This integration boosts the efficiency and ramp-up time of sales teams, and enables anyone – from sales reps to account managers to customer success – to generate personalized quotes and proposals in minutes, rather than hours.This is even the case for complex deals with bundled solutions, multi-year ramp deals, usage-based pricing, co-terming, cross-selling, and automated renewals. All deal data is automatically synchronized between DealHub CPQ and HubSpot CRM, enriching data accuracy and integrity.

Customers can also leverage DealHub automation to accelerate key sales touch points such as contract negotiations and approvals. Once deals reach negotiation stage, buyers and sellers (including financial and legal stakeholders) can collaborate within a single digital location. At each milestone, sales reps receive a notification to help move deals along smoothly. In addition, to solve the challenge of lengthy approval processes, companies can set up conditional logic that routes deals and discounts to relevant approvers, as needed, in parallel fashion.

“DealHub is purpose-built for sales and revenue teams,” says Elbahary, “and we’re extremely aware of their need for agility and operational autonomy.” As such, DealHub’s no-code configuration environment makes it easy for anyone with permission to make modifications to a company’s product library. This removes bottlenecks and makes maintenance much easier than with traditional CPQs. Operations teams using DealHub CPQ with HubSpot CRM can launch and maintain pricing models with ease, with the support of DealHub’s in-house deployment and customer success teams.

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