Rocketlane Unveils Groundbreaking Automation Capabilities to Eliminate Manual And Repetitive Tasks

Rocketlane, the leading customer onboarding and PSA platform, introduces end-to-end Automations capabilities to transform the way project managers handle manual and repetitive tasks. It’s an innovative solution aimed to streamline client projects and maximize efficiency.

Rocketlane’s Automations are built on three fundamental elements: Triggers, Conditions, and Actions. Triggers initiate automation workflows by responding to specific events within Rocketlane. Conditions ensure that automation rules are met before execution. And Actions produce the desired outcomes, whether it’s sending notifications, creating sub-tasks, or other targeted actions.

Automations on Rocketlane offer endless customization options, empowering project managers to create optimal workflows tailored to their specific needs.

From the moment a new deal is closed, information is seamlessly transferred from any CRM into Rocketlane, a project plan is automatically created based on predefined templates. Notifications are sent to project owners, tasks subtasks, and documents are created, and soft resource allocations are made  all within seconds.

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Teams can stay informed and connected with timely alerts delivered via Slack, email, and in-app notifications. Risk alerts and escalations can be configured to keep everyone proactive. With Automations, projects seamlessly transition from one phase to another, and once completed, handoffs to billing teams are also automated.

Rocketlane’s Automations capability liberates project managers from repetitive manual tasks, enabling them to focus on high-value activities”, says Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO of Rocketlane.

“The significance of automation in project management cannot be overstated. Without automation, project managers are burdened with time-consuming tasks that impede progress, leading to constant delays and compromised quality.”, he says.

Automations on Rocketlane offer a solution to these challenges, providing project managers with the tools they need to streamline recurring activities, minimize busywork, and enhance project coordination. Managers and leadership can boost productivity, eliminate communication gaps, and leverage real-time reporting for informed decision-making.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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