Salesforce Unveils New Einstein 1 Marketing and Commerce Innovations to Power the Complete Customer Journey with Unified Data and Trusted AI

Connections, Salesforce, the #1 AI CRM, expanded its Einstein Copilot capabilities by introducing new features for marketers and merchants. Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s trusted and reliable conversational AI assistant, now helps businesses of all sizes with daily marketing and merchandising tasks, in addition to its existing functionalities for sales and service. Salesforce also revealed new tools for unifying business and commerce data, along with a new AI-powered personalization decision engine that helps companies personalize customer interactions at every touchpoint using data from any source.

“Marketing and commerce leaders need a trusted advisor to help them tap into the promise of generative AI,” said Ariel Kelman, President and CMO of Salesforce. “With the Einstein 1 Platform we’re giving organizations the power to unify all of their data on one trusted platform. This is the key to getting results from generative AI that are actually useful in driving your business forward.”

Why it matters: Marketers and merchandisers understand that personalization is a customer mandate and taking advantage of AI to create better experiences and business outcomes is a competitive requirement. Yet, they still struggle to connect the right data and touch points to fully utilize AI and bring personalization into every customer engagement.

80% of customers believe customer experiences should be better considering all the data companies collect. However, 75% of IT organizations struggle to integrate data insights into user experiences and only 31% of marketers are fully satisfied with their ability to unify customer data sources.

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What’s new: By unlocking and unifying all of their organization’s trapped data on a single platform, brands can harness trusted AI to personalize every customer engagement across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. New innovations include:

  • Einstein Copilot for Marketers is a trusted AI assistant that has pre-built actions to simplify the campaign creation process by automatically generating marketing briefs, content, and email campaigns. It also helps marketers accelerate time-to-market with auto-generated responses grounded in customer data and aligned to brand voice.
  • For example, a clothing retailer could use Einstein Copilot for Marketers to efficiently spin up a campaign to entice previous customers to return with targeted product offers. To do so, they would use an AI prompt to build a campaign brief that provides campaign objectives, KPIs, target audience, and initial content for campaign assets. From there, they would create the segment and select audience attributes, hone their email content, and deploy the campaign all from one conversational console.
  • Einstein Copilot for Merchants is a trusted AI assistant that makes merchandisers more productive by simplifying commerce tasks. Using natural language prompts, it streamlines storefront setup and generates personalized promotions to delight customers and drive higher conversion rates. It also surfaces insights to improve products discoverability and provides AI-powered SEO recommendations to increase revenue.
  • For example, an air conditioning manufacturer can use Einstein Copilot for Merchants to quickly create a product detail page for their new HVAC equipment line by using natural language prompts, and include AI-generated product descriptions that are optimized for SEO. The merchant can also optimize sales with auto-generated, multilingual targeted promotions that are based on buyers’ locations and past purchases.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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